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  2. and there would be only chaos.
  3. Hey Little Debbie, you never responded to the lesson I gave you the other day on US Presidential elections using my World Series analogy. Do you understand why there is NO SUCH THING as "winning the popular vote" now, you STUPID Treason Monkey PUNK?
  4. My Man friend is a chiefs fan. So I guess I am now too . Lol Go Sports!
  5. Just curious, how many organizations would not "fire" a contractor for divulging proprietary information?
  6. India Pale Ale was brewed by the British to send to occupying army in India. India is hot and refrigeration was rare. The hops acted as preservative and its low alcohol made it like water.
  7. Nice. Craziest fans that I ever met were Kansas City Chiefs fans.
  8. RACIST PIGS getting more RACIST PIG fixes. Really just childish PUNKS begging us for attention they never get IRL because they are ignorant obnoxious scum who no one will associate with. Lonely LOSERS begging us to give them some attention yelling {PLEASE look at me ses I am a RACIST PIG doesnt that make you mad? PLEASE look at me. GOD these children are pitiful
  9. Blue Devil

    A Serious Discussion about Gun Violence.

    TrumpBGoneSoon Ha!
  10. Scotch is a really odd thing to me. Example : Jonny walker Blue is the higher end above red and black .. yet I find it to be quite bad tasting .
  11. IPA is about the cheapest beer to make. Never made it; don't like the style. Hops are cheap and the fermentation time is minimal because there is less barley in it. Essentially, the bitterness overpowers the other flavors.
  12. irish whiskey to me is the only good whiskey. i've never had a real taste for whiskey, either. but i get a bottle of bush mills? i'll just slug that $hit straight out of the bottle like a gunslinger. lol. love irish whiskey.
  13. If there was no line... not even a second then it would seem more palatable. But with most of these being televised, why stand in line for hours, deal with the mass of humanity, and parking/traffic jams?
  14. I even did a Disney cruise.. if anyone thinks trump supporters are crazy - Disney junkies are fucking insane
  15. I will look into that. Have consumed wheat beers before and seemingly had no issues with it. However, still have not figured out exactly what the allergen is for myself. Wheat may be it. IPA is an option as well. Thanks for the info.
  16. I used to take my daughter to Dutch Wonderland in Pennsylvania , when she was young .. I told her it was Disney . Lol
  17. pellet gun or possibly a rock. A rock hitting a windshield while traveling 60mph is quite loud! The cops would have recovered a .22 slug from the car - I can't imagine them passing that up.
  18. A little while ago, I heard that 100,000 tickets have already been sold for the Trump 4th of July Rally. 😊
  19. I will take your word it on Disney. Just did an amusement park in Utah with two small children. Lines were not that long but still long enough to leave everybody spent by the end of the day. Only group that I have not seen that I want to is The Cure. If they play in Los Angeles this fall, I may have to brave the mess of LA.
  20. I like Trump as our President. I support Trump and will continue to support him. I went to see Mitt Romney speak when he campaigned against Obama. But, I'm not up for standing in line for hours, let alone a day or two, just to get into an event. Maybe, if it were a chance to be a passenger on a rocket to the space station - I might be down for that! But, then again, I never liked big concerts of any kind. So, this kind of thing just ain't my thing.
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