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  2. Yes the pension debt crisis ..Q.e has left a generation being unable to leave home..wages in real term stagnant or falling ..shrinkflation.. Delay in families etc..for those with plenty of assets Q.e is wonderful..but for the majority it is not.. politically in the long run ..q.e forever..is untenable .
  3. none are so blind as those who refuse to see. We're done.... let's see what the House does.... let's see where the public opinion is when they do. Any further discussion between us between now and then is meaningless, don't you agree?
  4. The first thing you do when making a new product is to know your consumer of said product. It's all based off of the customer before production. It's the very basic thing you do before producing. You have to have a market first. So the customer is important.
  5. The family that fights and fuks together! GOOD ONE! You have a P.M.!
  6. https://www.publicissapient.com/services/customer-experience-design?gclid=Cj0KCQjw6KrtBRDLARIsAKzvQIFsBD1JxbF0xor4vLse-Khfb856J8FPSefnOtrpEL9ty3t5wJi15wUaArPBEALw_wcB
  7. I might add, in Florida, the problem counties had black democrat Supervisors of Elections.
  8. Don't you know that Sean Hannity is fuming over these facts this afternoon. I will bet that he is...….pacing and cussing.
  9. giving turkey the greenlight to attack the kurds was the wrong thing to do. the kurds did not want to fight the turks. that is a lie perpetuated by trump. the sanctions must continue until all the kurds are safely situated.
  10. And real wages didn't change thatuch so the consumer had no added benefit to the economy. So the consumer wasn't consuming more than they were. Without consumption you don't have more production.
  11. Now the tax cuts and lower unemployment rate was supposed to create more consumption. But in real terms it really wasn't. The tax cut went to the wealthy which doesn't actually spend more money when they get a tax cut. They save it in a huge pile of money they already have. For example most companies under Obama we're breaking records with the profits they were making. They already could expand or do r and d if they wish to do so. And interest rates were at the lowest point in history so they had cheap money available.
  12. Just like Pop Bush bombed the hell out of Panama City, then sent General Noriega to prison to shut him up about the Iran-Contra cocaine for guns deal, and how Bill Casey died mysteriously just before he could testify about the shady deals! And Ollie North LIED his ass off, and the right made a hero out of him!
  13. 😂Ya, that was classic. I deal with Medicaid all the time for pre-certs and their sites are down constantly.....
  14. Bludog does not love the 1st amendment like you and I do. I think a little Christian forgiveness...….of his 'shortsightedness'.....in order here, don't you? 😇
  15. FBI: No evidence Clinton server hacked despite Trump tweet August 29, 2018 WASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI said Wednesday that it has no evidence Hillary Clinton’s private email server was compromised even though President Donald Trump tweeted a news report that alleged the Chinese had hacked it. An FBI official said Wednesday after the Daily Caller story and Trump tweet that the “FBI has not found any evidence the servers were compromised.” The White House did not immediately comment on the FBI’s statement.
  16. The stats are MOST of our healthcare costs are when an American reaches Medicare age and the government administers their care. Our government healthcare doesn't fare very well against other countries, does it?
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