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  2. Food stamps... I applaud your ability to distract from the topic with petty criticism of typing errors. Well done. I shall now slink away, hanging mt head in shame.
  3. ultraliberals believe in free speech / freedom of expression just as long as you agree with them. https://davidharrisjr.com/rich/twitter-pulls-trump-campaign-video-of-president-showing-empathy-for-peaceful-protesters/
  4. No harm, until you oblige people to indulge it. Unfortunately, you pious clowns can't keep it to yourselves..
  5. The people who are looting are doing so out of frustration. I'm not excusing their behavior -- I don't think it's right to loot, and I don't think they think it's right to loot either. But they are frustrated. Frustrated with Capitalism, frustrated with a failure to change anything, frustrated with businesses that refuse to give back to the community. What the media hasn't mentioned is that police are exacerbating the situation. And the media themselves is exacerbating it as well. After all, which gets more coverage: A peaceful protest, or looting and rioting? And police take a hard stance against peaceful protesters, which then encourages people to react. When Colin Kaepernick took a knee to protest the killing of unarmed black people by police, he was blacklisted from the NFL. The President of the United States called him all sorts of nasty names. When LeBron James spoke out, Laura Ingraham told him to "Shut up and Dribble". When Drew Brees spoke out in favor of the flag, however, Laura Ingraham praised him. Funny how she didn't tell him to shut up and throw the ball. People see that. They also see that when they shout as loud as they can, that nothing gets done. People shouted for years from the rooftops about the problem with Baltimore Police. Police aren't helping matters either. They show up in riot gear, and intimidate peaceful protesters. Then they ignore the looters. They run into peaceful protesters with their car, then sit and watch as people loot. They push a 75-year old man to the ground protesting peacefully. They make comments like Katie Crews did, wishing harm on protesters. These cops are disgraceful, and the response has been disgraceful. And of course you have our "President" who isn't making matters better, either. And you can say they should vote. But democrats haven't fixed the problems. Nobody has. And that we'll do a better job isn't good enough. There needs to be real change. Which includes a more community-policing response to protests, rather than showing up in riot gear and talking about putting down peaceful protesters and shoving them down.
  6. God? Ok maybe. But if I feel better doing so, and my life is improved by it, then where is the harm?
  7. Please note the question marks at the end of every sentence contained within the post you quoted. Explain how asking questions constitutes "putting words in your mouth..."
  8. Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI) 27,017.13 +735.31 (+2.80%)
  9. She is entertainment. She is advantageous to the GOP. The more the general public hears from her............. the more they decide to vote...........GOP. And yes, I think she is very attractive. And yes, I wish she had 'honor & character'. But she does not. And yes, I wish she was on our side. But she is not. Sooooo,.......we will go on down the road...... without her. 🍺
  10. dumb motherfuckers fall off their bikes.. They are as expensive to fix as they are unworthy of the effort.
  11. There is a lot that science/ scientist still can’t explain. IMO that’s when God enters the conversation
  12. I didn't say it would stop them. Is that a valid reason not to do it, because it might not stop them? I would point out that it would likely be much more effective in preventing a second offense than cutting off their rodstamps, however... Do you agree?
  13. Alright, fine. Pick your question. The reason I offered comments on the protests is because I have fairly sympathetic views of protesting as a public action.
  14. Science does not understand gravity, a scientist only knows that he has somehow appeared on a planet that is drifting thru the universe at thousands of miles per hour as it revolves around the sun in the exact same second this year as it did last year. Scientist mostly create destructive crap that pollutes or kills people and they do it for the money.
  15. Isn't that special? No, you will answer a question of MY choosing... And because you weasels never deliver, you will do so in advance... If not, never presume to challenge anyone again. @EltonJohnson
  16. Can you logically support this assertion? I am not the sort who blindly accepts unsupported assertions as fact. You can not simply make the claim and expect me to accept it as valid. You must convince me it is true. I am also not satisfied that you can imprison a man and reasonably assert that not imposing additional punishment constitutes "appeasement."
  17. It's proportionate to the amount of police interactions blacks have with cops, which is proportionate to how many crimes blacks commit. In return for your honest/productive comments on the Tucker video, specifically the ten cases of cops killing unarmed black men in 2019, I will provide honest/productive comments on the protests resulting from George Floyd's death.
  18. You're putting words in my mouth, not to mention drawing in new points as if I had already addressed them. Not playing those games.
  19. Hmm. I’m not sure that would stop them
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