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  2. Where is the bill that says Republicans want military waste? We give lots of money to foreign countries. Why are you only crying about Israel? FYI I am against all foreign aid any way that is not free stuff Basically you didnt say anything. You should have brought the whole budget trumps has bee signing every year. He and Congress are spending money as if it grew on trees. I would have agreed with you but you dont really care about spending. You love spending, except when Republicans do it. You are fake.
  3. Portland is a liberal city. Most of the White Nationalists were not even from the state of Oregon.
  4. he lives in Portland....and he said the proud boys were in great form...Antifa is not as popular in Portland as we are led to believe...as a matter of fact, many Portland natives were there specifically to protest Antifa...Portland residence hate Antifa.....
  5. They want to send Israel another 142.3 Billion dollars because the first 142.3 Billion wasn't enough. They want tons of military waste. I will go on. This thread will be up a while.
  6. I have proven to you time and time again that you are a democrat....making you more racist than me....also making me an expert in what you do and do not remember...and no...you can not make me geld anything....let alone a cute little calf...you heartless ass wipe democrat...
  7. When would that scenario happen? The Loud Boys are going to be outnumbered everywhere they go in America. We KNOW you Fascist little pukes fantasize about someday, not being the recipients of an ass-kicking. I'm guessing it will happen right after you Repeal ObamaCare.
  8. The cops have facial recognition tech. No sense in allowing them to invade Civil Rights.
  9. 3% of all gun violence is committed with rifles. AR15 are only 1% of all rifle violence. Way to focus on something statistically insignificant. You dont care about gun violence. You only care about the politics of the issue. You are fake.
  10. I think you mean asses LICKED, Loud Boy. The masks are so they don't get infected by the T-Virus. You know how many showers it takes to wash the Trump stench off?
  11. It took a shooter all of 32 seconds to spray 41 rounds outside a popular bar in Dayton, Ohio, this month, an attack that killed nine people and injured 27. A lightning-fast response from nearby officers prevented a far higher toll: When police shot him dead, the killer still had dozens of bullets to go in his double-drum, 100-round magazine. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/as-mass-shootings-rise-experts-say-high-capacity-magazines-should-be-the-focus/2019/08/18/d016fa66-bfa3-11e9-a5c6-1e74f7ec4a93_story.html
  12. Yes, it's me who is posting juvenile idiocy about "Gap-Toothed Negresses" on this Forum. I'm the raging little kiddie who Mommy just took away the Twinkie from. Keep crying, BIGWHINE, because the American MAJORITY is REALLY starting to ENJOY watching a bunch of whiny little bitch-ass Wanna-Be NAZI puke Loud Goy LOSERS get their asses kicked, every weekend. So....what are you sad little miscreant wastrels going to do when the PO-PO isn't around with an apron you can cling to? Rage on 8-chan?
  13. When the moderators talked about education, it was framed as “free college.” Renewable energy also got the “how will you pay for it” treatment. Why? Because corporate special interests know that they can raise support for programs by focusing on benefits and lower support for them by focusing on costs and having to pay for it. This is why there’s only one response anyone should ever give to the question: “How do we pay for it?” This response is: When Republicans want a wall, cost is never an issue for our politicians. When Republicans want wars, cost also doesn’t seem to be an issue. So we know we can afford these things. We’ve never gone broke because of them. It’s always okay when certain corporate special interests want things. So there’s no reason from an economic perspective why it shouldn’t be okay for things the 99% support. Things like health care, better public education, and infrastructure programs. How come we can afford these things? How this works in practice Corporate special interests have handy outlets that teach them how to use tactics like these to attack “the libs.” All too often we take the bait and think, if I can just answer this question then they’ll agree with me. In a rational world, this would be how things work. It’s not how things work in the entertainment/advertising world we live in though. In our entertainment world, trying to explain things gets complicated and tends to reinforce the point the opposition is trying to make that these things will be costly and therefore we shouldn’t support them. In the entertainment world, we need a quick snappy answer. This is why saying that we’d pay for them the same way we pay for everything else works so well. If the person you’re speaking with objects, just ask them how we paid for those things. Put them on the defensive. I’ve played this out in countless conversations and you can’t lose. Here’s a quick example. A question from a conservative I took in a hostile Tea Party forum. My response: It’s simple: We pay for them the same way Republicans pay for things! Again, the reason this works is because: Republicans spend all kinds of money on things they want The answer to the question doesn’t fall into the trap of trying to figure out some actual plan that they would just attack anyways If they keep coming at me I’ll just keep asking: “Well, how do Republicans pay for things?” Here’s how this threw him off balance: The conversation has now shifted away from the question of payment to the person defending wars and walls as “necessary.” All I have to do is return to answering the original question: I say it with a bit of a wink but the point I’m making is serious. He just “paid for it” by saying it was necessary. All I have to do is say the same thing. The issue of cost is gone. Now you might not convince the person you’re talking to if that person has an agenda. But you have taken cost off the table. You’ve shown that you’re willing to have honest conversations without calling people names. And you may have raised the question: “Are our priorities right?” Hopefully some of our candidates will start doing this as well with a hostile media. Since the media is putting their thumb on the scale, I think it’s fair to raise these questions with them. How come our country can afford certain things and not others? https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/8/18/1879179/-The-only-response-anyone-should-ever-give-to-the-question-How-do-we-pay-for-it In other words you don't have an answer. Yeah go ahead and use this tactic of avoiding the question. Lmao! This is a stupid idea.the fact you think it's brilliant is proof of that. What free stuff do Republicans want? The banks paid back their bailout loan. The money for the wall isnt even close to free college.
  14. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/08/18/maria-bartiromo-outlines-the-architect-of-spygate-and-crossfire-hurricane-cia-director-john-brennan/#more-168558 We now know Brennan’s originating structure involved Stefan Halper the foreign policy expert and Cambridge professor deeply connected to the CIA and willing to run the operation to benefit the political objective for CIA Director Brennan. This is how John Brennan originates the “EC” through non-traditional intelligence channels. The EC is then given to James Comey, who starts Operation Crossfire Hurricane on July 31st, 2016. [NOTE: •On July 31st, 2016 the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation against the Trump campaign. They did not inform congress until March 2017. •At the beginning of August (1st-3rd) 2016 FBI Agent Peter Strzok traveled to London, England for interviews with UK intelligence officials. •On August 15th, 2016 Peter Strzok sends a text message to DOJ Lawyer Lisa Page describing the “insurance policy“, needed in case Hillary Clinton were to lose the election. That’s where Carter Page comes in.] However, CIA Director John Brennan didn’t stop with simply originating the FBI investigation, he went on to promote additional material from his knowledge of the Christopher Steele Dossier. This is the part that John Brennan has denied; however, the evidence proving his lies is overwhelming. We start by remembering the sworn testimony of John Brennan to congress on May 23rd, 2017. Listen carefully to the opening statement from former CIA Director John Brennan and pay close attention to the segment at 13:35 of this video [transcribed below]: Notice a few things from this testimony. First, where Brennan says “in consultation with the White House“. This is a direct connection between Brennan’s activity and President Obama, National Security Adviser Susan Rice and Chief-of-Staff Denis McDonough, each of whom would have held knowledge of what Brennan was briefing to the Go8. Secondly, Brennan is describing raw intelligence (obviously gathered prior to the Carter Page FISA Application/Warrant – October 21st, 2016) that he went on to brief the Gang-of-Eight (pictured below). Notice Brennan said he did briefings “individually”. Brennan also says in his testimony that he began the briefings on August 11th, 2016. This is a key point because former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid sent a letter to James Comey on August 27th, 2016, as an outcome of his briefing by John Brennan. But it is the content of Reid’s letter that really matters. In the last paragraph of Reid’s letter to Comey he notes something that is only cited within the Christopher Steele Dossier [full letter pdf here]: This letter is August 27th, 2016. The Trump advisor in the letter is Carter Page. The source of the information is Christopher Steele in his dossier. Two months later (October 21st, 2016) the FBI filed a FISA application against Carter Page using the Steele Dossier. So what we are seeing here is CIA Director John Brennan briefing Harry Reid on the Steele dossier in August 2016, even before the dossier reached the FBI. However, John Brennan has denied seeing the dossier until December of 2016. A transparent lie. Brennan goes on to testify the main substance of those 2016 Go8 briefings was the same as the main judgements of the January 2017 classified and unclassified intelligence assessments published by the CIA, FBI, DNI and NSA, ie. “The Intelligence Community Assessment” (ICA). However, we know Brennan put material from the Dossier into the ICA. We also know from Paul Sperry: “[…] A source close to the House investigation said Brennan himself selected the CIA and FBI analysts who worked on the ICA, and that they included former FBI counterespionage chief Peter Strzok. “Strzok was the intermediary between Brennan and [former FBI Director James] Comey, and he was one of the authors of the ICA,” according to the source.” (link) ♦Summary so far: During a period early in 2016 CIA Director John Brennan manufactured the material needed to start the FBI investigation on July 31st, 2016. John Brennan also received information from within the Steele Dossier which he put into President Obama’s Daily Briefing and shared with the Gang of Eight. Here’s where it gets even more interesting. So it would seem that Brennan was leaking to the media and pushing hard on this same Russia narrative during the transition period. It’s almost bizarre to see Brennan now saying “perhaps he had bad information”… BRENNAN IS THE INFORMATION !! Bad wording Brennan. Additionally, if you want to throw on an even more stunning layer upon this manipulation matrix, consider that Nellie Ohr was likely working for the CIA. If Nellie Ohr, a known CIA open source contractor, sought out Glenn Simpson at Fusion GPS for the job in 2015, not vice-versa, then it would appear a sting operation from within the CIA (John Brennan) was underway and long planned. The evidence of this likelihood surfaces later from Brennan’s knowledge of the specific intelligence within the Steele Dossier as shared with Obama and briefed to Harry Reid in August 2016. So let us recap: This is why the media got/get somewhat confused with the origins of everything: Papadopoulous (Crossfire Hurricane) -vs- Carter Page (dossier into FISA); an origination confusion which still exists through today. In essence we can see that John Brennan was the initiator manipulating everything, somewhat behind the scenes, for all of the activity (tangentially noted by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page in their text messages about the CIA leaks). After the 2016 election, Brennan continued pushing the Steele Dossier into the media bloodstream as it carried the Russian Conspiracy virus he created. During the time James Comey’s FBI was running operation Crossfire Hurricane, Comey admitted he intentionally never informed congressional oversight: “because of the sensitivity of the matter“. I suspect he knew there was manipulation behind the events that initiated the construct; he was, however, willfully blind to it. When Brennan now says in hindsight he might have received “bad information“, it’s laughable – because the information is his creation. Now with all of that hindsight in mind, watch the first four minutes of this interview and pay attention to the duping delight: Lastly, unlike other DOJ and FBI officials connected to the fraudulent exploitation of the FISA court, John Brennan is not attached to the ongoing DOJ Inspector General investigation being conducted by IG Horowitz. Presumably Inspector General Michael Horowitz is only looking at the process, procedures and people who were involved in submitting an unverified and likely fraudulent FISA application. Though his investigation would mean reviewing the underlying evidence for the FISA warrant, ie. the Steele Dossier, the list of IG targets does not necessarily include anyone outside the DOJ and FBI process. This could mean former CIA Director John Brennan, or any other Obama-era official outside the DOJ and FBI, could be referred for criminal investigation to John Durham; and investigation or review of that referral should not impede any ongoing investigation by IG Michael Horowitz. That’s why it is possible for Devin Nunes to have submitted a ¹criminal referral for John Brennan; which would be one of the primary aspects of review by Durham (noted by Solomon), and only tangentially connected to the IG Horowitz investigation. ¹Or, NSA Advisor Susan Rice, ODNI James Clapper, or former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power (unmasking); or any other administration official who may have engaged in leaking and/or disseminating classified intelligence information. A word of warning to Trump and Barr … if Brennan and a host of others don’t go to jail for what they did, there’s going to be a revolt. BECAUSE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
  15. My niece asked me how I would have my country react to a Trump... So I said... How about some hands on practice? She said sure, what have you got ? So first I put her inside a Gravatron carnival ride. Lol Then I put her on the kingda Ka roller coaster... Then I put her on the Medusa roller coaster.. Then we took a speed boat ride... Then we did a Caribbean cruise... Then I told her.... Imagine the Kingda Ka and the Medusa roller coaster... Launching off of the front of this ship... Into the sky. She said I'm a s)cumbag.
  16. Disagreeing with the Israeli government policies is just as accepted as disagreement with U.S. Government policies. There are no sacred cows in a Democracy. There are only sacred religions, and sacred races among religious idiots. Stop trying to make Israel special. It's legal to criticize their government too. Trump criticized "shithole countries" in Africa. Was that racist?
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