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  2. says the guy who won;t tell us which state he lives . y;all scared we may find you and pee on your pickup? the one in the driveway, not the one up on blocks in the front lawn
  3. Dont waste your time. He is a crazy person. His rants are always the same. He is like first guy in the cell Clarice passes in the asylum hallway on her way to see Dr Lecter at the end of the wing . I can’t find a pic. Not Miggs.
  4. yes i do. a real man doesn;t need a gun to shop at walmart. i was at walmart yesterday and i didn;t need a gun. many texans need a gun to shop at Walmart because they are pussies.
  5. texans need guns t feel like men liberals do not need guns. texans are mostly pussies they need a gun to feel manly while liberals do not. texans need to have spines. maybe start by impeaching ted cruz the nations biggest pussy.
  6. The amount of blatantly false press about President Trump from the mainstream media is astonishing. Remember CNN doctoring the fish feeding video on the president's first trip to Japan?
  7. Wow. Just wow. You have really gone off the rails Harry
  8. Keep trying beanie. MAYBE you can get someone to comment on your UTTER STUPIDITY like one of your fellow SHlTSTRAINS. Or maybe, someone will take you seriously as "the most powerful man in the world" or whatever you claim to fame is today. No really.
  9. "Not one anti Kim jung un thread by republicans since trump started sucking his cock" don't forget how much they love Putin also....as Foxaganda does
  10. Pack a heater? Do you really think that owning and carrying a gun has anything to do with BALLS?
  11. i amnmocking pussies in texas who think that a gun is an answer to everything. Beto showed that almost half of texans are not Mongoloids like pigtex and zilla and paranoid scadry cats who need guns to take poo. when did texas become pusssy central??? gawd liberals are so much braver than texans. grow a fcuking ball you sissies. and ditch the cowboy hats. y'al look like dorks if you ain't on a cattle drive. yeeeehaaaaaqw3
  12. ""It’s unclear if Trump is neglecting his national security briefings, ignoring them or forgot about the two times North Korea fired rockets in the wake of his last meeting with the dictator. The moment came just 24 hours after Trump claimed that North Korea shot off “some small weapons.”....."" Rex Tillerson...."It was hard working in that admin, especially after working for Orginized and Disiplined Exxon/Mobil... trump doesn't read, he doesn't take his Daily Security Breifings, and he always wants to go against the Law and Policy"
  13. i am, saying that pussy Texans think a gun is the answer to everything. tornado? pack a gun earthquake? pack a heater it will make pussies feel like real liberal men for a short while growing a ball is out of the question of course.
  14. I’m not sure what you are saying here- but I think I agree with you .
  15. Actually, the Mueller investigation did not cost American taxpayers $35 million, because they seized over $65 million in assets from Paul Manafort and a few other Trump associates, who were found to have violated tax and other laws. So according to basic accounting principles, the Mueller Investigation was a "profitable" operation for the government.
  16. I’ll find out Wednesday if I win the case- I’ve been trying it myself . Quite a task
  17. I do. I still care that Hillary is not in the White House
  18. of course....after an earthquake who wouldn't want to pack a gun in case of whatever. Texans should be grateful for Beto and his candidacy which showed almost half of Texans are normal, elsewise y'all would all look like pigtex and that pos racist zilla. good lord when didTexans become such sissy boys??? yeeehaaaaw don't mess wif texas??? bwahahhahahahahah
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