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A good nights sleep.

Trying to get a great nights sleep since I’ve cut out booze in my life has been extremely difficult. 
This is what I’ve done and it seems to be working. 
go to bed at the same time every night. I get up at the same time in thee morning , even on the weekends. 
take 2 10mg chewable melatonin tablets before bedtime. 
I do not look at my phone, I pad while in bed anymore. 
Eating must be finished at least 3 hours before bed. No snacking . 
6-7 hours of sleep seems to be the sweet spot 

any more sleep seems to make me lethargic the next day. 

insomnia is no joke. I’ve struggled with this for years. 
i hope this helps any of you that may struggle with a good nights sleep!

.. and having a clear conscience really helps ya get those zzzzz’s 


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