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  2. Chapaquiddick! Chapaquiddick! Benghazi! Benghazi! Emailz! Emailz! Gerry Studds! Gerry Studds! Barney Frank! Barney Frank! Oh... and did we mention CHAPAQUIDDICK??????
  3. Yes... and Obama was warned about it during the summer of 2016
  4. Still see people that hopes government will take care of them. Government usually trying to solve 2 problems - taking care of themselves and making you think that they care about you. So, if you won't take care on your own with private medical healthcare like http://dr-forskolin.com , no one will. Just be aware about it.
  5. No. People not under any charges should have their privacy respected.
  6. I was talking goats vs sheep.
  7. You don't have to say it. US intelligence has already proven it. https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2018-07-13/12-russians-accused-of-hacking-democrats-in-2016-us-election
  8. You did not, you fucking strawman builder. At the most you can claim you showed that illegals are automatically getting registered to vote when they get their driving license. Your know-it-all ass could learn a few things if you only had the balls to let someone lead the discussion and answer their few questions. Your idea of debate is jumping on little fragments you think you can prove wrong, even if you have to make them up first, instead of understanding and discussing ideas or situations. Still too pussified to answer teachers questions I see. What are you afraid of the truth?
  9. Russia has been messing with our elections for decades... That's why most of the people indicted by Mueller were from Russia... There were only a few other people indicted .... And they were from crimes years ago ... Nothing about collusion
  10. And there was just a clip on TV showing the media claiming Trump would fire Mueller..."anyday.."
  11. True. They will need to take the time ensure that only the relevant parties are addressed. The big thing that has been lost in all of this. Russia messing around in our election and what do we do about that. 34 incidents have been handed out due to this attack on our country. If Donny was an innocent soul who felt that if he acknowledged this fact that it would discredit his Presidency so he ran instead of standing up for america. Now (and we don't yet know what this says) all of those facts will be laid out. What does the government as a whole do. This may be the opportunity we really need for our country to reunite instead of further divide.
  12. It's a shame to see what how people treat animals. Especially dogs - they usually trust people and can't do anything against you. And when some people are creating shelters like http://www.thedogtor.net/emotional-support-animal-letter , others just creating this mess , putting their psychological problems on animals. Just a shame.
  13. Like when you claimed Warren never signed her name "American Indian"..?
  14. True trump said that, but due to his history of laying, he would rather have it not
  15. In the 1980s Davis had a reputation for being a rebel. She was part of the anti-nuclear movement and protested her own father's policies while he was president. For many years she was estranged from her family. That could be interpreted many different ways. Last I checked, She still is pretty liberal.
  16. Your right. That would be a brilliant political move.
  17. You should apologize for being a lying sack of Bad word
  18. So you hated Reagan, Bush, Bush, and now Trump, and democrats do nothing but bankrupt Americans with one tax after another. Hypocrisy at it's finest benson13- 08/13/2011 09:32:32 AM (#15 of 16) besides trying to tear down opponents, what is your party good at???
  19. Not what he was talking about, as you well know. You made a moronic clown of yourself again - just deal with it. YOU: For somebody claiming to be intelligent you should have known that before you made your stupId claim.... Not what he was talking about, as you well know. You made a moronic clown of yourself again - just deal with it.
  20. Where did I ever say that Answer the question
  21. “They fully intend to impeach the president,” Cruz said. “What they’re basically saying is they’re going to impeach the president for being Donald Trump.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/democrats-are-absolutely-willing-to-go-to-the-supreme-court-if-full-mueller-report-is-not-released-nadler-says/2019/03/24/09507e52-4e38-11e9-a3f7-78b7525a8d5f_story.html?utm_term=.0e1fa9e655ea Believe what you want Senator Cruz. Trump is getting impeached.
  22. He's just some kid It's so obvious that when you challenge him he can't discuss the issue
  23. t whatever, perhaps there was a fall out between trump and putin, making part of syria israel's territory is not want syria wants. russia will side with syria, and america will side with israel. there will be an unnecessary war, and all this will be trump's doing.
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