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  2. One More Thing: Heat records expected to be ... - msnbc.com www.msnbc.com/katy-tur/watch/heat-records... With than half of America's population under excessive heat warnings today, NBC's Chris Jansing takes a look at the record-breaking temperatures expected across America this weekend.July 19, 2019 ... Anchorage Breaks Heat Records : NPR www.npr.org/.../anchorage-breaks-heat-records Anchorage Breaks Heat Records NPR's Renee Montagne talks with KTUU Weekend Meteorologist Tracy Sinclare about the record-breaking heat in Anchorage, ... Toggle more options. ... July 6, 2019 8:04 ... Alaska heat wave sets record-breaking temperatures - CBS News www.cbsnews.com/news/alaska-heat-wave-sets... Alaska heat wave sets record-breaking temperatures. July 6, 2019 / 8:43 AM / CBS/AP Alaska faces record-breaking heat . ... More than 7,000 U.S. stores have closed this year A Deadly Heat Wave After the Hottest June on Record: How the ... time.com/5630009/heatwave-climate-crisis-june-record Updated: July 19, 2019 9:16 PM ET ... Why does record-breaking heat matter? ... “Drought is expected to become more intense and more frequent, heatwaves too, and all of this has consequences ...
  3. Nothing is random when you navigate being alive as one of a kind. Can you navigate being alive as two or three of a kind? You play a role at keeping everyone operating as one social mind the context of law or you are out with just the skin of your displacement. If I had any design to control people, I would not waste my time by telling them that you are Some Kind of Nut. It's be like preaching a sermon on how bananas are yellow.
  4. your mental capacity is limited to your vocabulary by choice to stay in charater developed after birth, I stay in characteristics of a lifetime living conception to dead of its species occupying space as eternally sorted apart now. Nothing is random when you navigate being alive as one of a kind. You play a role at keeping everyone operating as one social mind the context of law or you are out with just the skin of your displacement to face all deceptionists on your own. I can do that. I cannot return to my original point of entry as eternally sorted apart conception to extinction, can you?. where are you now in the reproductive order to the populaitn here now? Me, I am still just one of a kind equally reproduced as you. No exception for choices practiced historically socially.
  5. Hey, If you gonna criticize a religion based solely on its own ancient texts, You gotta face the fact that they were all pretty terrible by today's standards.
  6. Oh, Professor of English, Her name is spelled Melania. Reeeeal bright, ain't ya...…Einstein?? And Professor, we are not interested in your chickensht incestuous, sex fantasies. So, just leave them out of the equation, OK? 😎
  7. You just rant incoherent nonsense that no one can understand and you cannot explain. You cannot explain being eternally separated with simple origami and idiotic equations like E=MC3 has something to do with Faith, Hope and Charity. You are some kind of nut, sole. A babbling brook makes more sense than you ever will.
  8. I am still waiting for a liberal asswipe to prove to me Trump is a racist!!!
  9. right and the blacks vote for the racists because they are not as smart as you trumpies. and the jews vote for the dems because the dems are anti semetic and not as smart as you trumpies
  10. He was morbidly obese. He didn't get that way eating healthy.
  11. Relax chicken left little .. it’s only July.. it’s hot . Try not to leave your babies in the car, or your old granny on the porch. Relax... have a drink, go to the pool or the beach. Bottoms up. This too shall pass.
  12. Can you tell by social behavior outside this message board on the world stage my doaen years of doing what I do works. I don't lead to conclusions or direct people to follow me at creating another whatifism, I explain the natural process that puts each of us into a position of being eternally separated as reproduced. You are a practicing disciple manifesting doubt now is eternity and nobody can say it is, but I do with evidence from perpetual changing details never existing beyond what develops next now. Past combinations end now ever changing details add from now on and I cannot go back to my first fertilized cell anymore than you can. We hold these truths to be self evident all life is created equally as passing through the moment here. rule of 72 figuring out the compounding rate of details never duplicated so far.
  13. There has NEVER been a president that has graduated from ANY private military school. Or even attended one. There have been a few graduates from the Army and Naval academies. You just make up dumb crap. That is NOT GREATNESS.
  14. how do you know what his diet consisted of, did trump tell you or maybe deepbreath read his mind from the great beyond? translation: I have no examples just generalities I heard on storm front and info wars
  15. If Al Sharpton criticizes the white tribe, is he a racist in your book? If Trump criticizes Maxine Waters, is he a racist in your book? Let's clarify who is a racist.....and why. Maybe we can advance this situation into the valley of understanding.....for both sides. 🙂
  16. When you know nothing about the original post and have nothing whatever to say, then just attack some other poster with crap that has nothing to do with the original post.\ Trump is drumming up racism among a lot of very stupid, very excitable people. One of them going fully berserk and blowing up some government agency is quite possible. All you morons want to do is condemn Egyptians for buggering goats and Benson for not saying something mean about AntiFa. Not that AntiFa ever had had a presence in this forum
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