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  2. Don't you just love the way that nutty Nancy took credit for the USMCA. It's like she built a rocket all by herself and landed on Mars... She is a truly disingenuous piece of $hit and is indicative what is wrong with leftist politicians in power today. And I'm sure the mob media will be in immediate lockstep with her lie.
  3. Damn, you don't know the facts but want to debate. Sorry pal, get some education first, then maybe? Debating your ignorance, now that possible.
  4. "Does he have the right to private counsel?" sure....go find him a Russian Lawyer
  5. What was released yesterday was JUST the tip of the iceberg...and ONLY what the FBI did, that Horowitz had responsibility over... There is MUCH more... indicating that the CIA, NSA, and the Obama Administration ITSELF was involved... EVER wonder WHY the Democrats act like their SCARED TO DEATH ? It's because THEY ARE !! IF they can't get Trump OUT of office before the 2020 election, they KNOW that they are TOAST... and with that, they Barr Durham Investigations will continue to their TRAJIC (for the Democrats) conclusion... Trump will re-write many aspect of U.S. Law that Democrats hade SUBVERTED over the years, and Trump will appoing somewhere close to 50% of the Judges to lifetime appointments, INCLUDING possibly a 7th SCOTUS... And the Democrats will be DEVISTATED, By Scandal, Trump Success, and a NEW REBIRTH of American Exceptionalism !!
  6. You are more boring than what everyone else thinks of me. What is the one thing every human has in common, only being alive now and everything else outside of that is adapt or become extinct so choices are limited to understand instincts or believe intellectual vocabulary is larger than being alive now. I watch you be on the side of intellectual vocabulary is larger than eternally separated in reproduced results so far. What is it you are voting for again? Just maybe yours needs cancelled because you are of a mob mentality and cast of characters demanding individuals give up understanding life in plain sight and live it renting a vocabulary in plane social interpretation cradle to grave. Dare you to be honest separating what you are from who you rather be in society.
  7. Does the President have rights? Yes or no? Does he have the right to private counsel?
  8. I see you are a senior member, personreal. I have never, even on another thread "One Political Plaza" I was banned by the moonbatty moderators, put anyone on ignore. How do I do it here, as I want to ignore Phoenix and beaner's useless annoying posts.
  9. As with any miscreant child the fault is usually not with the child but with a parent. And this site is no different. Don't blame the idiot moderator blame the parent... Or in this case the teacher. This site is what he makes it.
  10. Thank you democrats for handing Trump reelection in 2020 and also a big THANK YOU for giving the Republicans control of the House in 2020!!!!!
  11. Oh ok, its a brand new post. I will give it a bit. If its start to fall I will bump it brohim
  12. I can respect that. In my profession, I have to be objective too despite the fact that some folks are too stupid to get out of their own way.
  13. It’s funny. I was just talking about you this am. How you jump all over grammar and spelling because you have nothing else to go on. thanks for proving my point
  14. I will read and bump it... And no, I didn't see the specfics
  15. I don't expect Integrity from posters... After all this is a No Holds Barred site... However those in a position of authority must always hold Integrity Paramount. It is the same complaint that we ask conservatives Levy against Congress and the mob media. I always return to my training and position as a law enforcement officer... Don't think for a minute that there were times that I wanted to strangle some of the idiots I encountered in my career... But I always held fast to the tenant that I would apply the law without passion or prejudice and I always insist and others in a position of authority to do the same regardless the degree of authority. It is what separates us from despots.
  16. The voters are watching. Did you see the new trade deal? I started a thread on it.
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