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  2. Instruction Cohen to lie is, by definition, Obstruction of Justice. It is a felony and an impeachable offense. Bill
  3. Bernie failed to show up to vote for Russian sanctions this week. On many other occasions he's voted: nyet. Not a good look for Comrade Sanders. Bill
  4. Due to very strange election laws in NY the election for Congress members was not aligned with those of other offices. I'd need to look up the precise numbers, but only a very small percentage of voters in that district cast a vote. Hardly a mandate for socialism. She motivated militant activists to get out enough of the vote to win in an election where almost no one showed up at the polls. AOC isn't a "liberal." I can't tell if you are just naive or if there is more to it? She is a hard-core socialist who threatens to "primary" Democratic officeholders through her anti-liberal "Justice Democrat" organization in conjunction with the anti-liberal Our Revolution movement. These are dangerous ideologues. They are bad for the liberal Democratic party and do not share our values. Wake up. These groups are making war on our party and liberal political philosophy. Believing AOC is an ally plays into her hands. Bill
  5. If there are other witnesses what will your excuse be? its Obama’s fault.
  6. This right here. I've addressed this many times, you'll even quote my response in a few more quote boxes, but you keep saying that lie anyway. I'm done. You're done. The conversation can't proceed if you keep lying like that. You can't quit lying. And you can't move on; you're stuck on stupid, Have a nice day
  7. People are using “cohen is a liar and a criminal” as a defense. You understand he was lying and breaking the law for trump...
  8. You have even less to add than Z09, I see. No wonder I ignore you.
  9. I'm not in the business of quibbling over use of the term "democracy" to generally refer to representative governments, which people do when speaking English pretty much all the time. If you want to type out "representative republic" every time you go ahead. Senate Democrats never wanted a wall. They have always said they oppose funding this wall from San Diego to El Paso. (See how I had to specify that I'm talking about that specific wall, the one that stretches for 2,000 miles, the one that is actually the topic of conversation right now [The Wall, henceforth], so that trolls like you won't pretend not to know this and will cite some Democrat's previous support for some section of wall in the past? Neat, isn't it? We can waste a lot of time here if that's all you're into. Let's quibble about "democracy" and pretend not to notice the difference between funding for border fences and funding for a 2,000-mile long wall. Isn't it fun? It's so sincere and believable, too.) So of course the Democrats opposed the wall. That's what they were elected to do, as you surely know. The Republicans held a majority, though. They could have forced the vote and passed it, since it's such a dire emergency. But they don't think it's a dire emergency. They're willing to stomp on our people and our institutions to shut down the government and blame Democrats for it, but they're not willing to override the filibuster and fix this "emergency". You know why? Because they didn't have the votes. The Republicans do not agree even among themselves that we need The Wall.
  10. Harryhands

    Do Guns Kill People........

    Think US soldiers still carry muskets around eh? Yeah, your guns - their drones. See ya...
  11. Right. So you're going to believe the guy who was prosecuted, and is going to jail for being a liar.
  12. That fool barely has the intellectual wattage to empty bed pans. No way that trolling fool is a nurse.
  13. Remember Obamacare...it's the answer for everything medical !
  14. lol. So you believe a "reporter" who has been busted repeatedly inventing sources and fabricating stories? How many times are you going to fall for this crap?
  15. Ha ha ha ha ha. Funny and true. ShortOfBreath does nothing BUT troll.
  16. She has the support of the folks in her district. Apparently they don't think that Ocasio-Cortez is an enemy of America like WhiteMajikMan does. I don't see her as a threat to the Democratic party. The right wants us to think that because they want to see us infighting. Let's not play into their hands.
  17. We have guns to protect us from a government made up of people like you.
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