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  2. Remember when Trump was a class act and didn't trash talk McCain after he died? Me neither.
  3. Then prove you are not a hypocrite and condemn Reagan for arming Iran with 2000 missiles cade closed you hypocrites are boring
  4. This is why you fail, Trump is grabbing you when you think you're grabbing him. LMAO
  5. Im saying she wouldn’t admit where the funding was coming from except to say from taxing the wealthy. Im in favor of healthcare reform and an open to any and all ideas. I’m in favor of not denying coverage for pre-existing conditions and would prefer to see health insurance divorced from the employer. I also know it will be extremely expensive, will likely require dietary regulation and care rationing. I’d love an honest conversation around all of that.
  6. This is not nearly as bad as Reagan arming Iran after they murdered our marines in Lebanon.
  7. This is where the United Nations should come in. The helping of the Kurds. At least, the Kurds don't have to die today. Progress? 🙂
  8. I don't need anything "free." I want people much poorer than I to have social safety nets to fall back on if they hit hard times. Do you understand that?
  9. Hey, dig up Ron Brown in your desperation. We are grabbing Trump by the pussy
  10. Americans DO NOT support MFA. Not when they see the price tag. A Public Option is FAR more popular and doable. You are on the wrong side of history (again). Bill
  11. I thought it was because of him serving with honor and distinction
  12. That's a lot of blowjobs, your dad must be so proud.
  13. Agreed, sir. Though, the "Pence-Pompeo" Team...should be on the receiving end of the glory. Just like the World Series. The pitcher is the star, but the centerfielder batted .500 and drove in the winning run. 😇
  14. Why? LIBs need dead Kurds to fuel their CROCODILE TEARS-MOBILE
  15. Of course I don't agree with a wife doing that.
  16. No more talking point. Peace is the worst thing that could happen for the Democrats.
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