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  2. You also support anti-gun legislation. Wage inequality is just another way of saying you would force productive to give to non-productives - authoritarian. There is no such thing as "free/low cost college" - someone has to pay for it, unless all of these teachers and administrators will be donating their time for the greater good. And, "single-payer" healthcare is just another name for government health care. Yeah, you are a Communist. Thanks for being so honest about it.
  3. Trump is like an eighth grader. Everything he likes is "incredibly great, terrific, amazing, you cannot imagine how great". Everything he dislikes is "stupid, terrible, the worst ever, incompetent, you cannot imagine how awful". Reminds me of the Wayans Brothers act where everything was "*SNAP!* loved it!", or "*Snap!* Hated it!." They were comedians. Trump is for real.
  4. the bullet is rattling around his empty skull gets crack in windshield gets it fixed hears story about a man who was shooting at cars puts it all together and declares himself to be a shooting survivor.
  5. Apparently, it has. Because, to me, to use the love of family in the manner that Talib did, exposed Talib as a dishonest, manipulative, morally corrupt, mean and very bitter person.
  6. Mexico: If it was ruled by the white man it would be a modern, industrial nation. Instead . . .
  7. The right choice would have been for Talib to graciously accept Israel's offer and visit her grandmother. In my opinion, to falsely use the love of family to try and score political points against a country you don't like for whatever reason is genuinely repugnant to me. It reveals a callous, jaded, morally corrupt, dishonest, mean and bitter person.
  8. Three potential mass shooters were charged this weekend, as reported on CNN's New Day today. "We have to get to breaking news. Authorities in three states say they foiled mass shootings this weekend. in Norwalk, Connecticut, Daytona Beach, Florida, and Youngstown, Ohio in three unrelated cases. This is so disturbing," Alysin Camerota said. "Especially since the nation is extremely on high alert in the aftermath of both El Paso and Dayton," Polo Sandoval said. "Police across the country arresting three men as you mentioned separately after expressing interest in carrying out their own terror attacks. One of them even publicly expressed his white supremacist ideals. That's one of the tips that led police to pinpoint these people before they could act under threats." "An arsenal of assault rifles and large knives. ammunition and even a gas mask. People near Youngstown, Ohio, finding all this in the house of James Reardon, a white nationalist who they say made a post about a mass shooting at a nearby Jewish community center. This post on Instagram was shown of a man firing off a gun. It had a disturbing caption. Police identified the Jewish community center shooter as a white nationalist. "In Florida, this body camera footage shows the arrest of Tristan Scott Wix outside of a grocery store. JUDGE: We're going to set your bond at no bond for the protection of the public given the threat to kill at least a hundred people. "The 25-year-old was detained after police say his ex-girlfriend alerted them to a series of text messages detailing plans to commit mass shootings, writing chilling words like, 'I want to open fire on a large crowd of people.' "In Connecticut, Brandon Wagshaw was arrested last week after he tried to buy a large capacity magazine out of state. Investigators also discovering numerous weapons including a handgun and rifle ammunition, body armor, and tactical gear in his home. It indicated his interest in mass murder. It raised an eyebrow. So the investigators worked quickly and diligently. "Social media is playing a big case in this. Each of those cases are used to remind people of the advice 'If you see something, say something,' since it clearly worked in these cases."
  9. Water is very different than a windshield https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bouncing_bomb
  10. OMG Are windshields and water the same? Can water absorb energy? Is the mass of water and the mass of a windshield the same? How about their molecular alignment? Did you read my link on why windshields crack? No of course you didn't
  11. 1. There is no "Palestine". Rashida Talib's grandmother lives in the West Bank area of Israel. This is land captured by Israel after a war started by Jordan, among several other nations, to wipe out Israel and the Jews living there. Israel never gave that land back to Jordan and there has never been any agreement between Israel and the people occupying that land for autonomy. 2. So, if Talib wants to get into the West Bank, she has to go through Israel. I suppose she could go via Jordan and then try to wander around in the desert between Jordan and Israel to find Grandma - but, it's a lot easier going through Israel. Besides, the Jordanians do not like the Palestinians either, that's why they shoved them out of their country into the West Bank during that war. 3. This has nothing to do with a US President. It has to do with Talib and the Israeli Government. 4. What you claim is "apartheid" is nothing more than Israel protecting itself from the same people who once sought to destroy it. More than justified, in my opinion. I only fault Israel for not clearing all of that land won in war from people disloyal to Israel. That was a weak move on Israel's part. First, I would have no desire to ever live in Hong Kong, free speech being far from the determining reason. Second, you cannot speak freely in most Asian countries. None of them have our 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment. You need to look at Hong Kong's location. It is geographically part of China. Now, it is legally part of China. Hong Kong is lucky to enjoy as much freedom as it does. Fourth, what they are protesting in Hong Kong is a new extradition law that allows the Chinese government to force people living in Hong Kong to face justice in China for violating any of China's laws. To some degree, Hong Kong has become somewhat of a haven for genuine criminals (not just speech crimes). I have no intention of telling you what my education level is, how much money I make or what makes me so special. My travels are likewise none of your concern, unless I find it relevant for some reason to divulge them to you.
  12. Everything about liberal scum (and ALL liberals are scum) is sickening.
  13. The Bible claims that Noah's son, Ham was defective and a;ll his descendants (Africans) should be restricted to being "hewers of wood and bearers of water". This was a popular quote in slavery times. No one today sees that it means that Blacks should be awarded Georgia Pacific, Weyerhaeuser , and the pipeline and water companies, though.
  14. The quote is on the forum Will... You are just too lazy and a typical liberal shill to go find it!!
  15. Every where you look you see talented Afro Americans plying useful trades. Look at the media, for example. No one with common sense cannot see just how much talent has been exhibited by all people of color. Our military has a huge percentage of able bodied black soldiers signed up to defend our nation unlike our misbegotten joke of a president who had bone spurs. Dr.joeb is proud to have Afro-Americans working side by side with all races doing their best to make our nation still the greatest melting pot of talents in the world. Dr.joeb goes out of his way to show respect for this proud race that gave us one of the best presidents that we ever had in Obama.
  16. Old Mack seems to think that all Black people are defective and prone to be criminals.That is the main that he has in this forum. He is also into Orange Man Bad is simplistic in exactly the same way. Blacks should be blamed, Trump should be excused. Always.
  17. See, readers? We heard tons of rhetoric from Republicans in this thread just now about how these two Muslim Congresswomen are being anti-Semites, but nobody is prepared to put up a quote and defend their assessment of it. It seems that some Republicans have a crazy religion that makes Israel and Jews so special that you cannot criticize the government policies of the country when they occupy other people's land, build settlements on it, and treat them like criminals.
  18. No territories like PR are liberal hot spots... they are crooked
  19. There is zero chance that Denmark would sell Greenland to the US. The US tends to treat its territories like crap. Greenlanders and Danes know this.
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