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  2. Not at ALL but you assholes are deflecting away from the shitshow that biden is in right now
  3. FDA approves roundup pesticide, company is making payouts for cancer problems, etc. Corona virus experimental genetic modification is not FDA approved but probably still available after you sign contract. Lysine: no contract to sign, sold over the counter for years with no serious problems. https://www.lewrockwell.com/2021/02/bill-sardi/virologists-report-poor-mans-amino-acid-cure-for-covid-19-would-abolish-need-for-vaccines/
  4. Lol the entire Republican party is attempting to emulate and toady to Trump
  5. "The days of full covid coverage are over. Insurers are restoring deductibles and co-pays, leaving patients with big bills" @benson13 So just like every other malady where a deductible / co-pay applies? As it should.
  6. The sheep like Trump Cult members have started a thread conflating liberalism with the spreading of propaganda and brainwashing. Hilarious
  7. Hilarious to see libtard assholes always talking about Trump...
  8. If the doctor doesn't pay...they can put a lien on his practice. He may not care...now...but they can cause problems later. I wonder how non-stop protest (complete with video recordings) in front of his office would impact business?
  9. Hilarious to see the sheep like Trump cult members talk about brainwashing.
  10. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/09/17/texas-border-del-rio-migrants/
  11. They spew that bullshit while calling themselves 'the liberty loft'? Just say the words 'freedom' and 'liberty' and nutjobs everywhere will start seeing imaginary enemies and start threatening to kill every single one.
  12. Have you ever seen the flex in one of those cheap stamped (not 1.5 or 1.6mm) receivers?. Most guns have some flex to them. If you can cut down the barrel on the Mini-14, that takes care of the problem. Or, you can have Accuracy systems install a thicker, more ridged barrel and barrel blocks. My AC556 has the 13" barrel, so not as much flex. But, I wouldn't mind swapping it out for a thicker barrel which is 14 or 15". Of course, keeping the original barrel. I've been thinking of having Accuracy systems do this mod.
  13. Get from their island country to Mexico and all cross the US border at the same time?
  14. Abortion is Legal in the Great State of Texas. ... Child Murder and Dismemberment, for Fun and Profit, is Not.
  15. It's hard to believe that you people can't recognize that you are completely insane. The entire world will be watching this ridiculous freak show. The judge will not award a penny or they will become an infamous laughingstock. And even if he is a nutcase and does, the doctor should simply not pay it.
  16. Biden has no motivation to do anything, like" 1. Combat Covid by authorizing booster shots 2. Bring the J&J vaccine online 3. Authorize and make available therapeutics for fighting Covid 4. Being tough on China corruption, China trade-cheating, and China theft of U.S. owned IP. 5. Backing up our allies in Afghanistan 6. Backing up our allies in Ukraine as to Russian aggression in Crimea 7. Backing up our allies in the South China sea. 8. Working on an offensive treaty with Japan and S. Korea to address Chinese aggression. 9. Pass a reasonable infrastructure law that would fund only repair of existing highways, bridges and other federally owned existing infrastructure. 10. Make necessary budget cuts to useless federal agencies 11. Drain the swamp. Fight government grift and corruption 13. Inspire our nation 15. Inspire anyone 16. He doesn't even have the motivation to fornicate, let alone flirt, his wife, Jill.
  17. Kim Thayil, dimebag Darrell, john petrucci, and prince would be my additions to the list in the OP
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