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  2. Debs


    BigMORON is it possible you are getting even STUPIDER? Please tell me you are doing performance art. I canot believe even a subhuman RACIST PIG like you can be THIS STUPID. Yeah you ARE a racist PIG and yeah you are acting like a RACIST PIG. Take it from someone who ISNT stupider than a cocker spaniel
  3. I'd be leary of putting a bumper sticker like that on your car...peace and love hippies would probably cut all your ties; if the opportunity ever presented itself.
  4. In trying to stand out and suck up to Trump, GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter filmed himself hopping over a vehicle barrier and falsely claimed he just crossed the border. He then posted it to social media. He was quickly called out as a liar by border patrol agents. It is hard to tell if he is so stupid he actually thought he was crossing the border, or that he is just your typical dishonest, piece of sh*t con. In any case, he's an idiot. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/gop-congressman-climbs-border-wall-doesnt-actually-make-it-to-mexico/ar-BBW75T6?ocid=spartanntp (Full article at above link) GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter is facing backlash for pretending to cross the U.S.-Mexico border. The California lawmaker posted a video on social media on Friday claiming to be "15 meters" from the U.S.-Mexico border before walking over to a fence he alleged was the only thing separating migrants seeking asylum from entering the U.S. by foot. "It looks pretty tough to cross. Let me see if I can do it," Hunter said in the video, before hopping over the waist-high fence. "That's how easy it is to cross the border here in Yuma, Arizona." He was quickly debunked. A border patrol officer laughed and told The San Diego Times: "What he crossed was a vehicle barrier, the dope. The official border is the Colorado River." "Congressman Hunter said on video that he was 15 meters from Mexico, then proceeded to walk over to the border in what appeared to be, by his own admission, crossing into Mexico," he said. "Hunter either broke the law and violated conditions of his release issued by a judge not to leave continental U.S., or he was pulling a political stunt and lied." Hunter and his wife, Margaret E. Hunter, were hit last August with federal charges that they "converted and stole" more than a quarter million dollars in campaign funds, according to a 47-page grand jury indictment. Duncan Hunter released on $15,000 bond. Margaret Hunter was released on $10,000 bond. They are awaiting trial. The couple was ordered not to travel outside of the U.S. (He's also a thief. But I'm being redundant, I already stated that he was a Republican.-drvoke)
  5. kfools


    Oh great. Another one. You aren't smarter than MOST people in the United States. I know you think you are [most liberals do] but you aren't. You are not overly talented, brilliant, or the gate-keeper for what constitutes intelligence. Liberal elitism is confounding. I have never seen people who are so bad at so many things try to lecture other people about being dupes and fools. We don't have a dictatorship. We don't even have anything close to a dictatorship. Trump went through an investigation that was completed. You just can't accept the results. Just like liberals won't accept the results of the election. Then respect the rule of law. Trump is not being charged with any crimes. Move on.
  6. Swing states trump only won by 70,000 😮
  7. I don’t know if I can keep giving you my time and entertainment. Seems you guys are starting Russian stalin tactics and keeping 75% of my posts from reaching the light of day. Why is the liberal forum blocking the majority of my posts? Are liberals against free speech?
  8. They also had Trumps campaign manager giving a man he KNEW was connected to Russian Military intelligence internal polling data for MONTHS of the campaign the exact information they needed to microtarget voters in swing states which we KNOW they did and he talked to him about those swing states. OBVIOUS collusion. Mueller said he couldnt trace the information back to the Russian government. That seems weak to me except we know they HACKED the DNC and could have gotten such information there. AT any rate that is UNDENIABLE evidence the Trump campaign was TRYING to conspire with Russia
  9. I love when liberals fall back on personal attacks when they are confronted with facts.
  10. OMGitzHIM

    Without impeachment,

    I’m not sure what world all of you folk live, but reality is calling crazies. Embrace reality. Trump is your president, the economy is great, and poor folk are getting richer under trump.
  11. The only discernible difference b/t trump and nixon is they had tapes on nixon. The report details a massive undertaking b/t trump & russia. They (mueller) just don’t have trump on tape giving an order or making a directive. ... although I question all the public petitioning, but I digress.
  12. You KNOW you are nothing but a petty childish PUNK with the IQ of things I flush every morning RIGHT?
  13. Debs

    Without impeachment,

    Yes Trump is a symptom not the disease like BOTH of you said. For thirty years the GOP/Nazi party trained their sheep to have NO THOUGHT except hate for the left. They tickled their lizard brains with racism and hatefulness and Rush and Hannity telling LIES about the left. They were TRAINED to not think at ALL for themselves and think what they were TOLD to think. Rush once said on his radio show ...the next time a liberal tells you that you cant think for yourself here is what you tell them They were trained to be mindless sheep motivated by hatred and resentment and they were told who to resent. All Trump did was be more hateful MORE racist and MORE disgusting than any previous Republican could stomach being and took over the reigns from the power in the GOP/Nazi party. There are two ways to lead. To make people aspire to be better than they have been to reach for accomplishments to dream of a better tomorrow. To appeal to their better angels The other is to appeal to their baser instincts. To motivate them to hate and blame others to fear others and make EXCUSES for why you arent achieving. to appeal to ther racism hatefulness. Trump saw that and being a conman himself said I can do that. So he WRESTED away the reigns of the Frankenstiens monster the GOP/Nazi party had created. The Treason Monkeys are TRUMPS bownshirts now
  14. As I stated, our 'elected government' was the effect of the naive being led by propaganda and psychology, a gaming of the system used in many now dictatorships and throughout history. The 'toppling' of said government should take place by congressional oversight and the rule of law. Trump is a criminal. No one is above the law.
  15. Cause that isn’t reality golfboy. Mueller got scared and didn’t want to be part of the coup.
  16. You know you're problem, bludog? You have a problem assimilating real data. You're more comfortable with gnomes.
  17. Debs

    How Liberals Create Wealth

    Stupidity and childishness is all we get from the right now. They gave up intellectually. They decided Trump is a moron a LIAR and acts like a child so why not the ENTIRE Treason Monkey contingent just be pathetic childish PUNKS only trying to annoy since you are FAR TOO STUPID to do anything else. GOD you children are BORING
  18. kfools

    Kent State 2.0

    With what? Foul language. Lol
  19. BeAChooser

    Dark Matter Even More Missing Now ...

    https://www.energy.gov/articles/department-energy-provide-24-million-study-dark-matter Well … there’s another $24 million we’ll never see again. Down a ... black hole.
  20. Will one of you left wing lunatics explain why Trump should not be president after your guy Mueller said there was nothing there?
  21. kfools

    How Liberals Create Wealth

    I'm happy to have a policy discussion with you. Want to talk about the green new deal?
  22. kfools


    You tried to topple the head of our elected government with a hoax. You are the traitors.
  23. Yeah pretty much spot on Kel
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