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  2. If trump would of token the virus seriously we wouldn't have had to bail out the economy.
  3. Overgrown boys who have no idea how to be real men, so they just play-act at being the kind of men you see in the movies and video games.
  4. Apparently? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahahahahahahahahhahahahhhaha Is that your brave healer opinion? No court of law has called it perjury.
  5. Dumbass republican in Colorado makes lynching joke and supports the 3/5 slavery compromise from before the Civil War. Are republicans really as dumb as they look? I'd say yes. https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/ron-hanks-three-fifths-compromise-colorado-legislature-002930132.html
  6. https://www.reuters.com/article/usa-fed-mester-economy-idUSN9N2GC02O
  7. apparently it was counselor, establishing a pattern of workplace sexual predation He was a pig, like other Democrats before and after. Reagan , Bush 1&2 and Trump had WAY more class
  8. This is great. Everyone is making money again, including the farmers. The ag guys all got screwed by trump with his Chinese tariffs. Now grain prices are more than double what we had 8 months ago under trump. And Joe Biden has given farmers a lot of money under CFAP (coronavirus food assistance program) as well as a ton of money under PPP(paycheck protection program). Plus the PPP money is all tax free. Who says Democrats like taxes? We love you Joe Biden.
  9. foodstamp fag, just think were we could be if the trashcrats hadn't destroyed the economy in the name of vote buying via fear. The dems love section 8 losers like you who are slaves to their agenda. Be proud welfare boy, your mom raised trash!
  10. A self-described founding member of the Oath Keepers militia is getting ready to plead guilty for his role in the January 6th Capitol riots -- and then very likely cooperate in cases against his fellow rioters. The Washington Post reports that longtime Oath Keeper Jon Ryan Schaffer has agreed to plead guilty and work with prosecutors against others implicated in the January 6th riots that left five people dead. Schaffer, who prior to joining the Oath Keepers was best known as a heavy metal guitarist, will be the first defendant arrested as part of the January 6th insurrection to flip on his fe
  11. The fact that her life was essentially ruined , speaks volumes of the power situation that was involved here. He went on and never skipped a beat
  12. Lol. The Shiller P/E ratio is almost up to 40. I wouldn't get your hopes up that the economy is going to do great any time soon.
  13. So??? So the consensual relationship with Monica is not material to the sexual harassment charge made by Paula, ergo, the statement does not meet the definition of perjury.
  14. I will say that they DID seem very happy when they returned. Maybe it was a marriage boot camp train. ? I can just see men jumping from the train.
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