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  2. https://news.yahoo.com/trump-abruptly-demands-ramped-ventilator-production-downplaying-175928458.html
  3. Although, I do see some possibilities with these antibody treatments. But even that would take a few months to get going, while the confused 🍊💩 stain sends mixed signals to the nation as to whether they should save lives or Wall Street; https://abcnews.go.com/amp/Health/recovered-coronavirus-patients-combat-disease/story?id=69838547&__twitter_impression=true
  4. I'm a breast man, myself. You got any spare change? Sorry I made fun of your dead kid - I just need a couple of bucks for gas.
  5. As is yours, sir - as is yours. Now, quick - go make another fellow apologise for lying about you, while punking out on the apology that you owe. Hurry - it's very very important! By the way, what IS the statute of limitations on perjury? Be quick - teacher might get in under the wire if you don't wrest from him that which you lack the integrity to give, yourself. HE needs to clean up HIS lie. You get a bye.
  6. That is what you were doing, implicitly, dumbass. It's why I corrected you. Don't start pretending it was YOU that introduced that aspect of the issue you poorly raised. By the way, I believe that Texas is a net giver. They have also created a rainy day fund, unlike california. Just sayin', kid. That's kind of how conservatism works, and is supposed to work. The job of liberalism is to keep things lively; the job of conservatism is to keep the train on the tracks. A nation is best served if it has a healthy dose of both. This nation has neither - nothing but a bunch of idiots who THINK they are liberal or THINK they are conservative. If you believe Bush was a conservative, then you are an idiot. I am a fiscal liberal, social conservative. I don't go in for silly fads like weather panic and pretending little boys are having little girls' souls misfiled into them by Loki the Gender Faerie. But I DO believe in a robust state. Conservatism is rooted in caution. Everyone has aspects of their lives in which they are conservative, and everyone has aspects of their lives wherein they are liberal. That is precisely correct. Each successive generation of conservatives defends the line at the last point liberals pushed it to, starting with the revolution - which conservatives opposed. That is why they are forced to decry their movers and shakers of yesteryear. No con on this board will defend the folks who stood for segregation - but those were the conservatives of that era. Instead, they embrace MLK and other flaming liberals of that bygone era, whom their political progenitors opposed - just as their political progenitors opposed the revolution, yet today's pretend conservatives idolize (yet never study) the Constitution. Conservatives disown their leaders, and liberals build on the work of theirs. There is nothing at all wrong or bad about any of that. These opposing forces are necessary in a healthy society. Indeed, our society is unhealthy PRECISELY for want of those two forces. All we have is neolibs and neocons - pro-capitalist wall street goons to a man.
  7. My dad "Jumped the Rhine, u filthy tCON scum, & that right there is exactly why loath u tCON scum, + watching u Republican scum screw our nation over & over & over every chance u get all of my 73 years!
  8. Sure! Bring it back in another seven years, or spring it out at random times when something interesting might be happening. Stop obsessing over something long ago that no one (except you) cares about I have no need to lie about your character Your character is on display for all to see. You've waited seven years for this Make the most of it
  9. Why are you wasting my time with your Usual Suspect angry Conservative "whaddaboutism" and apologetic idiocy? You're not SERIOUSLY going to pretend that any Conservative-run State actually contributes more to the Treasury than they take, are you? Frankly, there are few to none Conservative States worth a spit, economically. Texas? A CONSISTENT under performer....with the rare exception being they have been quietly embracing huge investments into what are PROGRESSIVE ideas...as they are funding large wind and solar technologies. It will always be the case that Conservative America is the permanent Follower Class of Americans. Conservative RED America is too cowardly to take the lead...on anything. I do not know why Conservatives are determined to remain mentally-shackled to their absurd traditions, and foolishly envious of superior future-embracing Progressive ideas. I also do not know why the RIGHT is always the last to the Party and the first to go home, always too terrified to risk pushing the envelope. That RED State ingrained cowardice and irrational avoidance of RISK is what inevitably dooms the RIGHT to just watching, and after everyone else is on board, reluctantly following, as we create, reshape, and refashion America's socioeconomic future.
  10. Today
  11. Negative I spoke with him one time only., and it was a private conversation. The next day I was gone. Of course, you can tell your story anyway that feeds your ego
  12. Me, you and GW - the three co-conspirators. But that is not the issue. You do not owe me the apology for being or not being in three way phone conversations. You owe me the apology for lying about me, and for lying about my character
  13. Right. Tell ya what - I am going to put this matter back to bed. But before I do, I am going to tell you this: When you about-faced, there were shouts against your character - villagers with torches, and such. And I stood for you. I cast your reneging in the most positive possible light regarding your character. And you rewarded that loyalty by lying on me - by pretending that I had tricked you regarding my intentions for the other board. You cast MY actions in the most negative possible light - even when you had to lie to do so. And I get it: You were trying to undo the damage, bring back the lost sheep. But you still lied on a friend to accomplish your goal. You and I both know that I was up front with you at all times - that we had many three way phone conversations about our mutual plan to move the community away from David's board. And you now know that it was I who insisted that you be the admin and I the senior moderator - I never wanted the title that I took up in the wake of your departure. I know you lied on me, and you know you lied on me. And we both know you lied on Misty. But I WILL tell you this - as a result of your lie against Misty, I insisted that no poster, myself included, should have the capacity to erase content on the other board. So that board is safe from the sort of activity of which you falsely accused Misty. The Lord works in mysterious ways - and your lie served a good purpose. You owe me an apology. You remain a debtor, by your own choice. You CHOOSE to live a debtor, rather than free yourself of that obligation. And yet you henpeck teacher to clean up HIS mess. Yours cannot be a comfortable world to inhabit, son.
  14. Yet, here you are responding to me anyway. You don't have the intellectual capacity to take on any fish. You are more like the anchovies on a pizza that eat and shit out.
  15. Your butt hurt sustains me, dumpling. But I have larger fish to fry. I tend to avoid bitch fights, as I am not a bitch.
  16. Mister conspiracy theorists chimes in. I have yet to meet a conspiracy theorists who ever gives proof of their theories. They just spew them out, then call everyone else stupid for not believing them. Go fuck yourself you mod power abusing twat. You don't belong here, you have no power to abuse. Take your ultra paranoid conspiracies and shove them up your ass to belly button level. Stupid asshole.
  17. Mike Pence buggers little boys in the church rec.room.
  18. Psssstttt...hey dipshit, i don't know if you noticed or not, but there is a new virus that is causing quite a bit of lay offs. Perhaps, just maybe, that could have something to do with it.
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