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  2. Nobody takes you serious anymore. Your OPs come from conspiracy theory sites. You are a joke
  3. {crickets} See, folks? I told you that the response to this article would be nothing but that.
  4. It's amazing the stupid crap you have to say, because you keep stepping in your own piles of steaming shit. No one MADE you say this, and no one MADE you double down on the stupidity. This is why you'll always be my bitch.
  5. At least he's not a LIAR, like you.
  6. What do think the likelihood of Russia allowing Russians to be extradited so that they can be prosecuted for what are essentially political crimes? Imagine if Israel wanted to extradite former President Obama to stand trail for interfering with their elections. We would tell Israel that President Obama will be on the next direct flight?
  7. MidnightMax said: Poor thing. Why can't anyone own up to the fact that guns have been here since the founding of our country and nobody went and shot up schools? It wasn't until our broken American culture stopped teaching the sanctity of life and respect for it? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We're 5% of the Worlds Population and have +50% of all the guns...what could possibly go wrong Thanks gop...and your Owners the nra
  8. Musings of a Free Man

    That's right. In fact, most of the dead in the Norway mass shooting back in 2011 (remember that one?) were killed by a single banned hand gun that was repeatedly reloaded. +1 Although I could add a few to your list. Like authorities doing something when citizens over and over and over call them about someone who is *problematic*.
  9. doesn't matter to the gop and their Owners the nra what 80% of America wants.....its ALL ABOUT $$$$$ and Contributions
  10. "It's one o' Andre Bauer's crew!!!!!" https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/227000-andre-bauer-resurrected-straight-outta-the-50s/?tab=comments#comment-1060264800
  11. But wait, I thought that Texas' concealed and open carry laws meant that stuff like this didn't happen there?
  12. ^^^ tap dancing from his own definition. classic golfboi
  13. Of course. Trump is a Russian enemy agent in the White House.
  14. The NRA won't like this

    Nice day to y'all.. its off to the races for me.
  15. The NRA won't like this

    Yes.. I am very dissapointed in dems.. Warren is not the answer for 2020.. I don't think Booker is either They should join forces and get a ticket.. I am hoping for another surprise like Obama in 2020.. It is quite possible gien the current political climate of hatred for Trump and conturds et al
  16. I dont go to the city. I stay in the country.
  17. The NRA won't like this

    Not all. Zilla is a Neanderthal
  18. Wonder if it was a Fast And Furious gun, come back to the states?
  19. The NRA won't like this

    Dems don't really do anything either. Quite sad.
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