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  2. That is your President......for the next 5yrs. Get used to it...………( F/head)……………...🖕.
  3. For all you cons that love watching animal porn. Personreal is your hook up.
  4. Correct. He was left with no option regarding Crimea. He outplayed Bammy Bammy wanted to put a NATO base in Crimea and Putin slapped his ass down
  5. Which is why 98% of Russia loves him .....and the other 2% are on the Dem payroll....
  6. Don't forget they hate putin because he wouldn't roll over dead when the Dems staged their Ukrainian coup.....
  7. If one is honest they will admit that what Putin has done over the last 15 years is nothing short of a miracle.
  8. The primary reason LIBS hate Russia is because of their staunch stance against all forms of gender-trans-fagg-ot-ism and the amazing growth of Christianity over the last 10 years
  9. Marriage is between two people older than the age of consent in each and every state in this nation. You will never change this. Pam Bondi is immensely corrupt. She holds no state office and most likely her political career in FL is over and quite dead.
  10. Hey get all the animal porn you want. You guys are jacking off to fake news anyways.
  11. There is no one proposing Flat Eartherism or Young Eartherism, either. That is because you have zero proof and no report from anyone who understands science. It has been over a year since anyone has defended Ben Carson's allegation that the Pyramids were used to store grain in.
  12. 😮... tell him I say 'hi!!!'......and 'happy birthday' 😉
  13. Putin brought Russia back from the brink of Western neoliberalism.....Thank God. Russia is doing great!
  14. Actually, I am 136 in human years. In my galaxy I would be 7.
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