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  2. Hmm hmm, boy does that sound good! My two best black friends, Mantan and Sleep N’ Eat, would love that meal. Of course those two are always hard to find. I go out to my barn and yell for em, but all I get in response is “ain’t nobody in here but us chickens.”
  3. You'd be surrounded by the blacks you hate there lol
  4. This is what you call a stable society? Fucking moron. Deport the blacks.
  5. If I had a hard decision to make, and I couldn't choose both, which one is more important ? A stable society, where people are treated equal, and where alliances and friendships are easy to make, where people are friendly to each other and accepting of each other ? Or something like knowledge about evolution, with an ever changing scientific consensus that we have already spent a million years not knowing, and not giving a damn about ? Because the proof is in the pudding that stable society and friendships and alliance making is more important. I
  6. Explain that. This just seems to painfully obvious to me.
  7. Well... allegations, supported by DOZENS of signed affidavits, makes for a strong law suite, which makes for appeals to dismiss the law suite to be THROWN OUT, which clears the way to conduct a forensic examination of questionable ballots in Georgia... WHICH has already occurred ! Next step? I think they're waiting for the Arizona forensic audit REPORT !! THAT is what we ALREADY have in Georgia !!
  8. Thank you. My father charged the beaches at Normandy on June 6, 1944, when he was 19yr.-old. Can we work together today ? For the good of the whole ? Thinking like a good problem-solving White Man.......I say yes. But,......... only if I am Captain of this ship. Can we agree on this,...... Herr Philip ? 😎....🥃
  9. It's called cognitive dissonance. In a stupid person. You hate to see it He isn't even wrong. Yes, you need to remain willfully ignorant of evolution to promote equality.
  10. Just like the media, the biggest challenge for jews right now is going to be trust. Just as it was in the 1930s. I don't trust the jews. Should I? Please tell me why it is somehow unethical to not trust the Jews...
  11. He also believes in cabals and new world orders and plots to control the universe... he just can't embrace the racism so he blames the left instead of the Jews.
  12. Evolution (or) equality , pick one? Lol.... If I had to make that choice, I'm choosing equality... I don't need to know evolution...we lived for a million without it, we can live another million years without it
  13. I think white man has been the enemy of public schools for 50 or 60 years, now they are just going to include the white women and anyone else who is against any of their unreasonable destructive programing.
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