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  2. None of this makes any sense.
  3. "Transgenderism" Is a choice

    Rights are absolute - not case by case. One does or does not have a right to show his penis in the ladies' shower. So your "case by case" argument would meet the legal definition of harassment, once you grant these rights. Why should the comfort of men be more important than the comfort AND SAFETY of women? You dismiss the discomfort and safety concerns of the women, while agitating on behalf of the comfort of the men. Apparently, you are unaware that we live in a rape culture - and so, denying the rape culture, you would empower rapists to have legally protected access to their victims in a vulnerable and isolated condition. It does not appear that you've thought your position through - unless you are a misogynist.
  4. No. If I say that left wingers are fine people, I would be including myself. I may refer to a group of left wingers and praise them, but that does not necessarily exclude myself.
  5. Karl.....you're getting old brotha my Dad said the same thing about the Beatles in 1964
  6. "Fine People", is spoken in the third person in the sentence you wrote. When someone speaks of others in the third person, they intentionally leave out themselves. Therefore the group Trump is allegedly calling "fine people" necessarily excludes himself.
  7. "Transgenderism" Is a choice

    They only disagree with me on the proportion--- they agree that there are plenty that are mentally ill. Again, you give no evidence of a scientific nature that indicates they put a female brain in a male body or vice versa - because it is just silly.
  8. Of course, Richard Spencer, is undeterred. Self-absorbed egomaniacs relish attention, good or bad. In fact, he wants you to hate him. It makes him feel special enough to earn your disdain. To completely ignore him would be the worst punishment.
  9. And likewise the authors of the BIble took stories from other cultures and changed them to fit what they wanted them to be.
  10. "Transgenderism" Is a choice

    So the most prominent psychological association in the country doesn't open your mind even a bit? My original assessment of your being closed minded stands.

    Says the little bitch who keeps ducking the issue and lawyering around her own posts. If "blob" is not a proper characterization of a human fetus, ass hat, SAY SO. If it is, SAY SO. Stop the potty dancing. YOU are the one who jumped in as a self-appointed arbiter of who is and is not "contributing" to the conversation. The mere fact that you argue calling a fetus a meaningless blob is a :contribution" proves your partisan hackery, phony.
  12. Gay store owner kicks out Christians

    They were booted for EXPRESSING their beliefs, which involved badmouthing the beliefs of others.
  13. Zman They're a great station. sure are!!.....if you like cartoons
  14. "Transgenderism" Is a choice

    Oh, goody. I'm pretty open-minded overall. I have a few "prejudices," for lack of a better word but I always try to keep them in check. Everyone should be comfortable going to the gym. Anyone who pulls any funny stuff should be asked to leave. That said, simply feeling uncomfortable around someone who is transgender shouldn't be license to keep the transgender people out of the gym. What would they tell someone if they pointed out that they felt "uncomfortable" around someone who was black? I trust you get my point here.... Anyone, transgender or not, waving their penis around at women should be asked to leave. That's not normal behavior; it's intimidating and harrassment. It shouldn't be tolerated. That should be handled on a case-by-case basis. If someone is truly transgender, they will have plenty of history and records to show that they're transitioning. Some idiot fraternity pledge or sexual predator will have no such records and should be prosecuted.
  15. and for the real story: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/virginia-politics/reeks-of-subtle-racism-tensions-after-black-candidate-left-off-fliers-in-virginia/2017/10/18/de74c47a-b425-11e7-a908-a3470754bbb9_story.html?utm_term=.d12de7547b85 The palm cards with photos of Northam and Attorney General Mark R. Herring (D) were produced for canvassers with the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), which asked that Fairfax be excluded because it did not endorse him. A thousand pieces out of 1.5 million, at the users' request - Cons are just desperate to stir up controversy, it's all they've got. Oh, and by the way, "with the name and face of his running mate airbrushed out of the picture. Justin Fairfax, the running mate, is a black man." is a false statement, (commonly known as a lie): in Virginia, Governor and Lt. Governor are separately nominated and elected: they are not a "pairing" as with the US President and Vice President.
  16. To be disrespected, one has to disrespect. Whatever words were used or however they were phrased, I don't believe Donald Trump meant any disrespect whatsoever.

    No, I defended the chatter who was not acting like an asshole because I think that is behavior that should be encouraged. YOu have contributed NOTHING to the exchange of ideas about abortion choice because of your anal tendencies that people get their language approved by you before they use it. And by going on and on about it, you have demonstrated an apparent need to try to avoid discussion of the issues.

    Monkeys do. Take a run at trying to make a rule again. This is where you leaped to the defense of the proposition that "blobs" is not a proper characterization of fetuses, science denier.
  19. I have said yes but it isn't up to those being discriminated to bring up the issue. It is the responsibility of all good people to do it. I thought it was a joke. I've a bad stomach virus and don't have much of a sense of humor today. Another day I would have loled with you. Any way demoman have a good day.
  20. I love watching you defend McCain, because of your hatred of Trump. Dumbass.

    No, you merely leaped to the defense of one who did, when I upbraided him for his lie. Good lawyering and good posting are different things, f. lee bailey - but making you hedge is a small victory, I suppose.
  22. I am only certain of death and taxes.
  23. "Transgenderism" Is a choice

    I read a couple of them ---- they don't really seem to have any science to support your claims. Better luck next time.
  24. when you call others a hypocrite or stupid or moron it only serves to magnify your own flaws. if you cannot make a reasonable argument without name calling you are admitting you are weak.
  25. I was aware the gist of my post expressed acquiescence, when I wrote it. I feel the progressive cause is on hold in almost all respects until we recapture, at least one, two or more branches of government. Until then, our Democratic representatives are waging a holding action is Congress. They have done well, so far, aided by some division on the Republican side. The regional courts have played their part too. But until the coming elections, we would do better to devote all our energies to winning the electoral battles that loom ahead. Even Neo Liberal Democrats would be an improvement. They would, at least, allow for the ingress of a more progressive element. The ultimate goal would be getting money out of politics and reversing the downward spiral that is taking our Country backwards. But until we get back some political clout, much mischief will be done and damage is inevitable. Terrible and widespread. Too many Democrats get all their info from Mainstream Media where there is a uniform blackout of the most important issues we face. And that includes the so-called Liberal channels, owned by billionaires. IMO, this is because of most Democrats ignorance of the true burning issue of our time ... The Plutocratic takeover and demise of the Middle Class. If it were common knowledge, The Big Tent would have a reason to unite.
  26. wrong again. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2008/jan/17/vietnam-veterans-against-john-mccain/no-evidence-mccain-was-a-traitor/
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