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  2. can you quote the USC statute that cites collusion as a crime? I'll wait until tomorrow when you sober up.
  3. sure you are nurse... are you are. what I DO know is that you're drunk tonight...
  4. col·lu·sion /kəˈlo͞oZHən/ Learn to pronounce noun noun: collusion LAW illegal cooperation or conspiracy,
  5. If Trump said Breathing is good for you...ultraliberals would choke themselves. Whats the difference...what he did; just as long as the war ends ?
  6. 59 min ago Two caucuses were decided by high-card draws, Nevada precinct chair says From CNN's Paul P. Murphy Courtesy Ross Armstrong Ross Armstrong was the precinct chair for two small caucuses at Echo Loder Elementary School in Reno, Nevada, where both were decided by high-card draws from a deck of cards. Armstrong says both are very small precincts and only have one delegate to award and thus the viability rule doesn't apply and the candidate with the most votes wins the delegate. In one precinct, there were only three caucusgoers participating: one caucusgoer who supported Pete Buttigieg, and two early voters who went for Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. A three-way tie for the single delegate. "Because there were no in-person reps for Bernie or Warren, we just went to the caucus next door to find supports to pull the cards," Armstrong said. Warren won the delegate in that precinct with a jack of hearts; Sanders pulled a four of spades and Buttigieg pulled a three of diamonds. In the other precinct he chaired, one caucusgoer supported former Vice President Joe Biden and the other Buttigieg. Buttigieg won the delegate with an eight of spades, which beat out Biden's seven of clubs.
  7. Actually, I'm a BSN, RN specializing in psychiatric nursing and working as a psychiatric intake coordinator. Now, you COULD do what I do if you're a master degreed minimum and licensed therapist?
  8. Healthcare like Sweeden it's Gr8... I ain't gonna take "Pre-existing" coverage while the DOJ is currently "Suing" to Overturn it If you like your "Premium" and being Halfway through BANKRUPTCY COURT you can KEEP IT
  9. "collusion" is not even a legal term...ergo, collusion cannot be illegal. Asking for foreign intervention in the outcome of our elections IS illegal. It's just not referred to as "collusion". Seriously...put the bottle down and go to bed. you're drunk. (the bolded sentence is incomprehensible.)
  10. Sanders is on track to win 44% of non white voters and a full 53% of Hispanics. That’s an impressive win in such a crowded field.
  11. SO why did you claim that wasn't collusion which is ILLEGAL? 😂 You poor thing. You mustard for that pretzel you got yourself into?
  12. What right does someone you invited into your house have to be there. BTW: We first went in there because the terrorist GOV wouldn't give up bin-laden. SEPTEMBER 11, 2020 will mark 19 years since 9/11 and nearly the same since America’s war in Afghanistan started. Launched on Oct. 7, 2001, the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan quickly overthrew the Taliban regime after their leader, Mullah Omar, refused to hand over Osama bin Laden. While America’s strategic objective in Afghanistan has often been unclear, the Taliban’s refusal to give up al-Qaeda — and by extension the fear that an Afghanistan dominated by the Taliban would remain a safe haven for international terrorists — has been one of the primary motives for the “forever war.” https://warontherocks.com/2018/09/deadly-cooperation-the-shifting-ties-between-al-qaeda-and-the-taliban/
  13. with your bachelor's degree.... was it from the back of a match book?
  14. https://twitter.com/OurCoopPower/status/1180928963939635200?s=20
  15. https://twitter.com/OurCoopPower/status/1180928963939635200?s=20
  16. says the guy who has repeatedly accused his demi-god of breaking the law.
  17. And spell. Be brave... Third Grade will be easier this time. Ha!
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