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  2. Well, then, she'll fit right in the Great Reset.
  3. True. What are you & Joe going to do about the 1000 Americans trapped behind enemy Taliban lines. ? Or, did you & CNN seek to lead us......into forgetting about them? 🙄
  4. No, he asked the ports to do this. They said they would, but it will take MONTHS before they can hire/train people to do that work The Supply chain crisis was created by this government, they KNEW it was coming and did NOTHING except make it worse. And the man in charge, went on "maternity leave" for 2 MONTHS literally leaving NO ONE in charge. California is making it worse. They won't allow any truck over 10 years old to be registered in the State, and AB5 prohibits trucking companies from hiring independent contract truckers. They are doing this ON PURPOSE.
  5. Biden has increased port hours to 24/7. The supply chain crisis does’t have an immediate, cut and dried solution that the president is just ignoring. The problem has been pending for years. The Great Reset and oligarchs is a new one to me. It seems to have a touch of conspiracy theory and paranoia, though.
  6. She doesn't care. He has no intention of ever moving out of Daddy's house, and being responsible for herself.
  7. Considerably less unstable as you, concidering you voted for and continue to support an obvious Alzheimer's patient.
  8. RECORD HIGH TEMPERATURES GLOBALLY Illustrating the “myth” of anthropogenic global warming for denier cult retards like MiraMoron.
  9. You just can’t pull a John Wayne maneuver in every situation. Just ask a Navy Seal or Swat team officer. There are details, limitations. But then, I guess there’s magic.
  10. It doesn't matter who else handed the gun. It was in his hand. He pointed it at them. He pulled the trigger. He is legally responsible for his actions, and will go to jail.
  11. General George S. Patton. https://youtu.be/PS5yfhPGaWE
  12. The published studies cited in the OP may be “peer-reviewed”, but the fraudulent spin, partial misleading quotes, and distortion of the the actual meaning of those papers is entirely the work of the non-scientist denier cult stooges pushing propaganda at the denier cult website called NoTricksZone. For example, regarding the first paper cited, the stooges claim that it finds……. ”Scientists (Loeb et al., 2021) have determined the rather uncertain positive trend in Earth’s Energy Imbalance (EEI) from 2005 to 2019, 0.5W/m² ±0.47 W/m² per decade−1, is “primarily due to an increase in absorbed solar radiation associated with decreased reflection by clouds.”” But the actual paper instead says…….. Plain Language Summary Climate is determined by how much of the sun's energy the Earth absorbs and how much energy Earth sheds through emission of thermal infrared radiation. Their sum determines whether Earth heats up or cools down. Continued increases in concentrations of well-mixed greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and the long time-scales time required for the ocean, cryosphere, and land to come to thermal equilibrium with those increases result in a net gain of energy, hence warming, on Earth. Most of this excess energy (about 90%) warms the ocean, with the remainder heating the land, melting snow and ice, and warming the atmosphere. Here we compare satellite observations of the net radiant energy absorbed by Earth with a global array of measurements used to determine heating within the ocean, land and atmosphere, and melting of snow and ice. We show that these two independent approaches yield a decadal increase in the rate of energy uptake by Earth from mid-2005 through mid-2019, which we attribute to decreased reflection of energy back into space by clouds and sea-ice and increases in well-mixed greenhouse gases and water vapor. “Which we attribute to decreased reflection of energy back into space by … sea-ice”, which, in the period from 2005 through 2019, had decreased enormously in the Arctic, entirely as a result of previous human caused global warming. “Which we attribute to increases in well-mixed greenhouse gases”, including water vapor which is also a greenhouse gas. The claims in the OP are fraudulent bullshit, posted by gullible morons.
  13. Tell me that when you can no longer own a house because it would cost too much to make it green, or if that doesn't get you they'll make the taxes so high you'll have to auction it, to the oligarchs of course. But then, by the time you realize it it'll be too late.
  14. This has nothing to do with the Secret Service, and Biden says walls don't work, so why is he allowing this be done?
  15. Vulgarism and angry bias as a replacement for data and logic. Images of absolute strength and courage are foolish myths. People are people, not god-like Titans who know no defeat.
  16. And you're trying to kid who? What rational approach has he offered for the supply chain crisis? For hyperinflation that's coming? All President Sippycup is doing is setting the stage for the Great Reset. That multi-trillion dollar bill that's the present bone of contention? They don't really care about the dollar amount of the bill, the thing their wanting is the infastructure for the Great Reset the bill provides. Do you know about the Great Reset? You know, "You will own nothing and be happy." You do a lot of complaining about the oligarchs. Why are you turning your life over to the Great Reset oligarchs?
  17. "Neo-liberalism" ?? Really ?? Please don't use words.....or men......that you cannot handle. P.S. Yellowstone Ranch starts back up. 2wks. "Be there....or be square". 😊.... 🥃
  18. Sweetie you've really tested my patience with your abuse! I'm afraid I'm going to have to move on to someone who'll appreciate my manliness. Jinnymartini seems to have a sparkle in her eye for me. Very sorry but you'll be OK. Don't blame yourself, it's me,
  19. The American people are naturally tired of the logjam around the budget and infrastructure negotiations. But when the bills being discussed are explained, they approve overwhelmingly. Once enacted, and given time to deal with the issues, I, personally, anticipate huge support for democratic programs and its platform.
  20. Good. That made the U.S. stronger. Mr. Trump faced Iran.......and the he faced them down. The Taliban in Afghanistan would not touch a Marine.......with War-Bastard Trump in charge. But when "pussy-boy Biden"....& his nigger whore won......Well,......why not attack ? Who will stop the Taliban? Pussy Dem-boy who bow to black-power ?? Nigger, please !! Get real. What would General George S. Patton do to the Taliban ?? Really. What would he do.? You know. 😎.....🥃(Jack & Pep., My 1st.)
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