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  2. Can someone PLEASE inform us as to why we would want to allow EVEN ONE of these filthy, inbred, ignorant subhumans into our nation? https://www.intellectualtakeout.org/article/muslim-inbreeding-huge-problem-and-people-dont-want-talk-about-it
  3. I can't never get enough of Carly. https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=AwrCwHXmURVc.CIAEHMPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=you+tube+do+that+to+me+one+more+time+C%26T&fr=yhs-iba-syn&hspart=iba&hsimp=yhs-syn#id=2&vid=339f719a67e43d149072a24a385ef8ff&action=view
  4. Why do you care? Do transgender people affect your life in any way? I suspect there aren't many in Montana, where you supposedly live and get rid of people who don't believe as you do. So, again, what difference does it make to you? Your mind is closed. "Sad."
  5. Hey no problemo Senor Wetback, how do you want it, cash or check?
  6. It's already here, queerboy. BIGTEX pays for his healthcare SINGLY. No one else does it for him.
  7. If you’re interested in lobbying, electoral system in American politics, give it a listen if you have some time. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-joe-rogan-experience/id360084272?mt=2&i=1000425757809
  8. No it's not wrong. When I said "you" I meant the collective of liberal activists. If you don't actively lobby companies then whatever but it is being done. Or I guess you're saying Pacific Bell was lying: So Pac Bell is lying... got it. You didn't see the stained clothing the family was wearing? Please, continue to say I'm lying when anyone with eyeballs can see I'm not, liar. Haha, it is YOU who are trying to ram your disgusting anti-America agenda down our throats. Pathetic liar.
  9. We don’t need stricter gun control, we need stricter ni@@ers with guns control.
  10. No. I'm not. I, am, however, supportive of giving them food and water. Are you supportive of giving them food and water?
  11. I think they've had second-thoughts....or, something.
  12. So, what if a person decides he is "trans-species?" He decides that, instead of being a man, he's a dog. That is sheer IDIOCY, and evidence of a profound mental illness, and is NO DIFFERENT than someone claiming to be "transgendered." THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A "TRANSGENDERED" PERSON. SUCH A CREATURE DOES NOT EXIST!
  13. Once again, you're showing yourself as an extremist. Dems don't want open borders. Trump is having a fit because of his "big beautiful wall" statement when was campaigning to his base of people (extremist whack jobs) who think as you do. I stand by my post no matter how many times you scream COMMUNISM. You're being ridiculous.
  14. Who is barry? Do you think I'm clairvoyant?
  15. Tucker is a recycled Failure from years ago, Nothing new, Still a miserable failure.
  16. What did you win? You have lost your soul!
  17. That is another one..who taps off the wells in a desert?? What kind of person is pulling is that shit. They should go on a watch list for sure. That is one of the very worst things I have heard today but the day is young.
  18. No kidding, I mean who would have ever thought crossing a desert might be dangerous or something? What I want to know is what did Trump do will all the water fountains that used to be out there?
  19. Yo Richard Head WE saw this AM that your fellow MT Rump Ranger Zinke Tinkie got fired for all his corruption in DC. His opinion is like yours now, just trying to stay outta jail, he prolly had Russia connections too.
  20. Nope the gangs where they live did this..in numbers they had a better shot of being seen. Fault begins with how our aide dollars were spent and it was not to help these people BEFORE that were forced to WALK 1000 miles to safety. Being bigger azzholes is not the answer. We have room if the lands have not been bought up yet. BTW bigsky you sig is too big I am hieing it in my settings..
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