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  2. ultraliberals despise former Fox News anchors, Christians and the Military unless they suit the agenda.
  3. I never thought the day would come when I said: I'm glad my WWI VET grandfather is not alive to see all this BS BUT it has arrived.
  4. Antifa is not and will not be satified with any administration. They exist to take down and destroy any form of authoritarian government. They won't be going away any time soon.
  5. Depending on your opinion of what his job was. Thanks to him, the world's dirtiest oil - the Bakken shale oil - was being transported by the keystone pipeline. Pipelines are the most environmentally safe way to carry crude. Biden's first move was to shut down that pipeline, which re-instituted the obama era method of carrying the world's dirtiest crude: by rail car, which is the LEAST environmentally safe method. Why is this? It is because the BNSF railroad belongs to bershire hathaway - which is owned by one of the men who own biden and owned obama before
  6. Actually, my last name is Mann. My father Hugh had the same last name - as did my mother Anita. Your dad's last name was Sammidge - and his first name was Toid.
  7. Now watch the gloves come off. As I warned, the UNIPARTY no longer needs Antifa or BLM to push their agenda. Ever. They don't need them to get out the vote. I predict they'll move quickly to crush these two groups because fascist, communists states do not tolerate such lawlessness ... unless it serves a purpose. Hmmmm ... maybe they'll keep them around a bit longer and use it as an excuse to hunt down older white conservative men like me. Just saying ...
  8. Correct OP Predictions so far … Day 1: The White House Press Secretary held a press conference to discuss the first day executive orders. Among them … US rejoined the Paris Agreement, reversed the Muslim Travel Ban, stopped building the border wall, stopped Keystone XL, and directed agencies to review racial equity. All predicted. Also ordered non-citizens be included in census (for apportionment of congressional seats), canceled expansion of immigration enforcement, and made sure that actual American history will not be taught. All that in just the first day. Welcome to Amer
  9. You're right about that much. World Leaders React To Pro-Trump Extremists Storming U.S. Capitol : Insurrection At The Capitol: Live Updates : NPR Wrong about the players.
  10. You can only tolerate so much lying. Shepard Smith Breaks Silence on Leaving Fox News and Criticizes Former Colleagues (msn.com) (Full article at above link) Shepard Smith had been with Fox News from 1996 to 2019 when he reached his breaking point. The former Fox Report host, 57, announced he was quitting on-air in October 2019 and hasn't opened up about his departure until now. His exit, the now-CNBC host revealed, was largely because he was fed up with his former broadcast colleagues "who are smart enough and educated enough to know better
  11. Bush was as establish as it gets. The only difference between Bush and Biden is dementia.
  12. Man. Im tired. You make sense here bro..... All puppet armies get pissed ...when later pissed on. ie...Antifa feels "dissed" by BIDEN REGIME
  13. Since he’s exactly right. The entire world is concerned about the Nazi fascist turn the US has taken.
  14. We already have the DA stating there is no direct evidence.... The left manufactured the entire incident to censor the right. They hate half the country and their contempt is noticed by all.
  15. Me too. I was all in. Shame on me, Im embarrassed
  16. I had forgotten how generically gay you are. Carry on....flit...prance...blow a horn!! Im so sassy!!!😅
  17. 47 year war criminal BIDEN...is hhmmmm Progress??? You are fully CUCKED....locked and cucked
  18. This ... ... by the way, to be accurate should be rolled up in the other corner to expose a Communist China flag.
  19. Antifa rioting tonight. Please check your news sources. Its weird.
  20. Not at all. Progress forward or be stepped on. Your choice.
  21. Today
  22. Poppa Demon Bush was head of the CIA in the 1970s. All that aww shucks, Texas boy bullshit from Poppa and Wfag is pure STAGE
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