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  2. Blue Dog The Coward

    The OP was about blue dog, dipstick.
  3. Over a dozen women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault and harassment have united for the first time and are calling on Congress to launch an investigation into the president. http://bit.ly/2nMMQeV
  4. Cue: Debbie Downer music -----------> ♩ ♪WOOONK wah WAAAhhh♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ The percentage of Americans who consider themselves Republican or lean that way has dropped since Donald Trump was elected president, a Gallup poll found. Those identifying with the Democratic Party have held steady. https://www.yahoo.com/news/poll-percentage-americans-identifying-republican-013224684.html The percentage of people who identify as or lean Republican has fallen 5 points from 42 percent of the population to 37 percent, according to the poll comparing November 2016 with November 2017, which was released last week. The percentage of voters identifying as Democratic has remained at 44 percent. The lower numbers could be a cause for alarm for the GOP in midterm elections next year. The most dramatic dip for Republican numbers was among white women: The percentage identifying with the Republican Party fell 5 points from 37 percent to just 32 percent over a year, according to an NBC News report, which further broke down Gallup’s data by demographics. The number of Hispanics who identify with the GOP has dropped 3 percent. Intriguingly, there has been a 1 percent increase in African Americans who identify with the GOP, Gallup found. But that number was extremely low to begin with: Only 10 percent of black Americans considered themselves Republicans a year ago. College graduates saw a 4-point dip in identification with the GOP, while those without a bachelor’s degree saw a 5-point drop. There are now more Americans who consider themselves independents with no leanings toward either party (14 percent, compared with 10 percent a year ago), or do not have an opinion (5 percent, compared with 4 percent last year), Gallup found. Those identifying with the Democratic Party have maintained an edge over followers of the rival party throughout the year from 5 to 9 points because GOP affiliation has dropped. The percentage of those who consider themselves Democrats or leaning that way has led or tied those identifying as Republican for the past ten years. The latest figures, based on Gallup Daily tracking interviewing throughout November, are based on information from more than 14,000 American adults.
  5. I agree it's just like the holocaust. Both sides did wrong.
  6. Blue Dog The Coward

    Yes, BD Putin-lover should be executed.
  7. Can you be rational?

    And be rational, Brutally rational.
  8. Can you be rational?

    They are for you to be.
  9. Can you be rational?

    Meds are not required to be rational. For that you need an education, which you lack like most Americans.
  10. Can you be rational?

    1+2 = World War 3
  11. Can you be rational?

    Meds old man, meds.
  12. Can you be rational?

    I see you got an avatar well done
  13. Can you be rational?

    You can barely make 2 plus 2 equal banana. You're still trying to work out why you save the one you can have sex with and not the other two which you can't.
  14. Can you be rational?

  15. Can you be rational?

    You two sure get along well.. two little lovebirds in a psychopod forum
  16. Can you be rational?

    I carry the same burden. I feel ya.
  17. Can you be rational?

    Ah, my scenario. There ya go. Good job. See, you can be logical.
  18. Nikki Haley Turning on Rapist Trump

    They are a vile bunch of liars. I like presenting facts anyway but here I add some hyperbole just to raise their BP and stress levels. Donald Trump Job Approval by Party Identification, 2017 Weekly averages from Gallup Daily tracking Republicans Independents Democrats % % % 2017 Nov 27-Dec 3 78 32 7 The fact that his approval rating is 78% among Republicans only goes to show how evil the GOP base is. 40% of GOP politicians are publicly condemning him which goes to show just how depraved and deplorable. Hillary was right. More Democrats condemned Trump's shameful remarks about John McCain than did Republicans. During the primaries one of the candidates should have stepped across the stage and beat him into a coma for his remarks about McCain and Carly Fiorina. The GOP base is a vulgar bunch of trash more vile than Hitler's Nazis.
  19. Can you be rational?

    I am losing rationality fast
  20. Can you be rational?

    I am wrong about as often as a solar eclipse. One of the advantages of being me.
  21. Can you be rational?

    You are a narcissistic. You can't accept the fact You're wrong about many things. Good luck old man. Get them meds, make others around you more comfortable.
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