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  2. we all seem to be loving each other a lot right now #Vintage Jazz Cardigans Cover ft. Haley Reinhart - "Lovefool" Did you write on a chalkboard to teach Spanish??
  3. This wouldn’t have happened if waffles have guns.
  4. LOL #Vintage Jazz Cardigans Cover ft. Haley Reinhart - "Lovefool"
  5. #Vintage Jazz Cardigans Cover ft. Haley Reinhart - "Lovefool"
  6. Their national organization also pulled the plug on them. They have lost their charter.
  7. Go away, you obsessed partisan twit.
  8. You are never without a serious intellectual comment, are you? Quote
  9. Anything Melania Trump says or does will be (a) essentially insignificant and unworthy of serious comment and (b) attacked by some Trump hater. I say, leave the Trump hating for Trump and the dolts, thieves, blathering idiots and creeps he appointed.
  10. Trump's Trade War

    My point was that if you're getting taxed with a marginal rate of 90% (say for the top $20 million you make that year) then letting you deduct $1 million from your income means that you're still taxed at 90% on the top $19 million ... and at a slightly lower rate for the next $20 million etc all the way down. The mortgage tax deduction went reduce the tax collected - much - from people earning $100 million a year, but will really help smart and provident people making $60K a year. The key is: tax the f☆•k out of high income salaries with high marginal rates.
  11. Journalist say Syria attack is hoax?
  12. You might get educated... You're a college professor for 40 years and you don't think there's nothing wrong with a man giving a job interview totally naked? You said the man shouldn't have been fired.. Remember?
  13. sandy hook ??? the fake ass shooting??
  14. Who cares what you think? I know I don't. You have a new notification Duck615 quoted you in a topic: Another rightwinger goes Nuts...Kills 4 people at a Waffle House near Nashville
  15. Zwoman....I see your point!!

    where's your link to back up your bullshiit pussyboy coward??
  16. Why didn't Twitter erupt when North Korea shut off their nuclear plant?
  17. TAX-CUTS; A Lil' 2001 Nostalgia!!

    You are repeating your self
  18. So you cannot image it either. Your utter stupidity continues to astound. All you have is infantile insults. to too two are different words, a fact you seem to ignorant to comprehend.
  19. So why don't you do it and show us the Dems getting $750 million I'm sure it never happened
  20. Melania Trump just addressed attending Barbara Bush's funeral, which quickly resulted in the first lady and her husband getting roasted as the viral image of herself laughing with Barack Obama remains a hilarious headline. https://bit.ly/2JcHDTx
  21. Zwoman....I see your point!!

    all the red states are Subsidized by the Blue States/Gov't those ""Real Americans"" (that have been f'ing up the Country for 200+ years)
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