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  2. I finally got around to playing Fortnight....When I first heard about it I didn't like the concept but I'm really getting into it.
  3. I can advise you my server in Minecraft with RPG themes. This is the only server of its kind that is located on the premium hosting ggservers. I've been working on this project for a very long time and recently launched it. It quickly gained popularity among adults who used to play RPG or MMORPG games. I don't want to leave a link to my server and site, to the admins didn't take this as advertising, if you would be interested, I'll send you my website in private messages. I'm sure that you'll like it and you'll stay on my server to play everyday.
  4. Too bad I didn't count. I play video games since 15 almost every day and now I'm 30 years old man. I think it's something like 5 or 6 years for me, lol. Maybe I should cut it out and become more serious, but TBH I don't want it. Not so long ago I've installed Overwatch on my PC and now I have something new for time killing, lol. BTW, Overwatch is one of the most awesome games I ever played. I play with Wilson, also I want to make Angel. I think that I will buy boosting for a new hero. One of my friends told me that these https://expertboosting.com guys can make it in no time. And I will be able to spend free time doing something else, lol.
  5. Assassin's Creed. Grand Theft Auto. Need for Speed. Mortal Kombat and of course Counter-Strike. These games are quite interesting to gamble, however, my favorite game is Counter-Strike Global Offensive.Assassin's Creed. Grand Theft Auto. Need for Speed. Mortal Kombat and of course Counter-Strike. These games are quite interesting to gamble, however, my favorite game is Counter-Strike Global Offensive. This game has a pretty interesting plot, controls, and multiplayer. Yeah, I like the multiplayer part of these games too. Actually, I kinda like it when there are people that like to learn how tactical combat works. However, the ranking system of the game is a thing that only makes the game annoying, since ranking to the high profile requires a lot of personal time to spend. That's why, I decided to choose csgo boost service. I heard that this service can raise the profile pretty high and actually require not too much money for it. I'm thinking actually, to try the service out...
  6. Metal gear is a great series. Just not one of my top 5. My love affair with Miranda on Mass Effect May have me biased.
  7. metal gear would make the cut ? I like doom too, but I think it falls short in development over time
  8. I did a couple thousand hours (injured at home) on Falcon4 on PC in WinME. Second Korean war campaign. Flew Wild Weasel and then CBU bomb truck on tank columns. Went all the way and won completely several times. Now moving into DCS. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/ kj
  9. Ya, Medal of Honor. So many damned good games and so little time.🥺 I'm kind of done with shooters. Can't stand getting fragged by 12 years olds then trash talked....
  10. It's up there. Call of Duty early on. Battlefield with the first 64 player maps. Day of Defeat!@
  11. OMG so again my brother and I got together for a weekend of gaming and he ended up buying GTA 2, right? One of the WORST games we ever played. Top down scroller. Horrible graphics and gameplay but the idea was novel and you could tell it COULD be a big hit if done right. BAM GTA3.
  12. Castlevania would beat Metroid out. Borderlands would knock those two fighting games out. I just could not get into fighting games but most underrated game of ALL TIME? Road Rash Sega Genesis. So my brother is 11 years younger and when my parents went on two week vacation he was maybe 12. They left us with like $200 bucks and I bought a Sega Genesis and this game. We played it for YEARS lol....
  13. Good point but in the end I only have 3 years of 40 hour workweeks to play in 4 years. 😅
  14. World of Warcraft is the culmination o the Warcraft series! What franchises would you put in their place?
  15. So in PS4 hours after 4 years of playing, I have 6300+ hours which comes out to 3 years of 40 hour workweeks.....😂 I post a lot at work but I also post while playing PS4 at home. I'm a HUGE video gaming nerd. I went to PS4 about 4 years ago and got out of PC gaming. Just got tired or rebuilding rigs every year or two to stay relevant so... Have a nice MacBook Pro with not one game installed on it. I use it to write, journal and poetry.
  16. Been playing this the last 4 days or so. Got if from my brother last year for my birthday. Never played any AC game before but WOW, this game is deep, incredible open world and likely an RPG experience for 200+ hours. Anyone else played this? Monstrous open world RPG which have always been my favorite games since the original Adventure game on Atari.
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