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A place for Liberals to discuss forum policy, procedures and rules.
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  2. Here's to True Democracy! "So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don't even know that fire is hot." - George Orwell -
  3. You obviously understand how inept Liberals are unless they are lead well. A mob formed. It's wasn't pretty.
  4. By the way, why are there only a few forums on the main site now? Was the "liberals only" forum turned into this "club"?
  5. It seems it's time you come out of the cyber closet and go mainstream ! ultraliberals despise OldBarns ansterors, Christians and the Military unless they suit the agenda.
  6. Voter suppression, Republicans claiming votes are corrupted (due to Covid) and Trump not giving up the White House. What are the Democrats doing about this? By the way, what is a point? When they say Biden is leading by 8 points, what does that mean? Nobody ever bothers to explain it in the media.
  7. If you knew who Donald Trump was you might know that he only helps your cause if your cause is to divide a nation and this world. Forget all the fancy imaginary made up. This song is deep. Slave to Sex, that is not Roxy Music, I thought about the verse and found myself bound from which there is no escape. It is about love and everything there is to believe in. You are who you are, Nobody can tell you something different.
  8. The US spends 500 billion in 2020 on pharmaceutical drugs. Clearly it has been shown that if there were a free market for pharmaceutical medical drugs, the figure would be more like 100 billion. Instead, it is left to hedge funds, and patent rights, that in the end squash better medicines and their discovery. Simply stated, most major drug manufacturer's rely on the NIH for the research that goes into their products. Once the drug hits the market, they rely on patent rights to raise prices, and yes, there is big money in all of this. So much money, that the FDA backs
  9. I AM A Man I have been beseeched by the neglect, retrenched, regardless of the content of my character all of my life. You know we are not asking for much. They wanted that, they did this, to whom, and why. A white writer wrote in the Novel, A Light in August, shades of life that reappear, that in absolute tone illustrate what was never addressed in any history book taught in public schools. ". . .in August in Mississippi there’s a few days somewhere about the middle of the month when suddenly there’s
  10. I have always wanted to participate in a forum where people could deliberate actual policies and how they effect peoples everyday life. People say, wow, this Corona Virus pandemic has really illustrated a lot of the problems we have in the US and the world at large. I think I'm a liberal mostly because I give a damn about people and try my best to understand the problems and exactly what is so wrong with our world. Not that all things are bad, a lot of things are good, there are a lot of American people who are just like me who will go out of their way to help a stranger, or try to teach their
  11. Letting the RWNJs in turns everything to shit the same way NHB is shit.
  12. Gotcha. Then you won't feel the urge to respond to this message, right? (Smile emoji just for you)
  13. Oh no!! People who group chat . Smile emoji .. blah blah blah. No way! I’m like “thanks for last night” that’s it . what you’re describing is annoying and I hate it. @EltonJohnson
  14. I really enjoy it here. It’s relaxing . Lmao
  15. It's the main reason I joined, to get in on the fun. I lurked all summer '16 and then had to dive in when Trump won. Gonna be EPIC.
  16. It would have been delicious. and yes I’m looking forward to it in November
  17. Yeah, but the meltdown after Trump wins again is gonna eclipse even 2016. You should've seen this place. Drowning in liberal tears.
  18. Keep begging, crybaby. Gonna love being here this November, can't WAIT.
  19. Agreed, & going forward we need every vote we can get.
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