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  2. President Donald Trump’s television defense attorney, Rudy Giuliani, had to defend the president’s mental fitness after a week of public hysterics from the commander-in-chief. Giuliani spoke to The Washington Post to defend Trump’s feud with Speaker Nancy Pelosi. On Wednesday, Pelosi accused Trump of “engaging in a coverup” and having thrown a “temper tantrum.” She also suggested his aides and family “should stage an intervention for the good of the country.” “She talks about him like he’s incompetent,” Giuliani complained. “It’s totally ridiculous.” “You may not like him, you may despise him, but there’s no question he is mentally and physically capable to do the job,” the former New York City mayor argued. Whether Trump is mentally unfit to hold office could have implications under the 25th Amendment, but it may not have been what angered Trump the most. “White House aides say Trump was more frustrated by the “coverup” comment than her Thursday commentary likening him to a toddler. He flew into a rage Wednesday morning after she made those remarks — and then stewed as she continued to taunt him from Capitol Hill,” The Post reported. “The aides spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private talks.”
  3. You can read about her "no prosecute" order here.... http://files.suffolkdistrictattorney.com/The-Rachael-Rollins-Policy-Memo.pdf
  4. king of the county

    AOC Tests Her Influence in N.Y.

    What are her qualifications and experience?
  5. I should have not moved there. Lesson learned thank god im out.
  6. Yes. The pipes were frozen- and had no heat source to thaw them. The electric was out - had a fire in the fuse Panel- fire company had to come. It was a disaster . I had the housing authority come and do an inspection- they had 23 violations . And wanted to condemn it. !! So yeah- it was their fault. I’m STILL in the court process with them !
  7. In a review of CNN’s Jim Acosta’s forthcoming book, “The Enemy of The People,” Guardian reviewer Martin Pengelly reveals some telling quotes that the CNN White House correspondent relays, including one White House official confiding that President Donald Trump is mentally ill. According to the report, Acosta’s sources “are often blunt in their assessment of their boss. A ‘senior White House official’ tells Acosta: ‘The president’s insane.’ A ‘former White House national security official says staffers were not sure the president had not been ‘compromised’ by Russia.” As Pengelly explains, “The notion that the media was the ‘enemy of the people’ emerged swiftly and caused great consternation among a press corps spooked by virulent abuse at Trump rallies. Acosta cites three unnamed sources who say the controversial line of attack originated with Steve Bannon, then Trump’s chief White House adviser.”
  8. A house? That’s nuts. If they broke into my house, I can verify she would not be able to prosecute them.
  9. I didn’t have heat electric or water for 6 days this past winter. That’s when I sued my landlord and moved .F THAT
  10. She stated its not a high priority offense... She even stated that she won't prosecute drug dealers..
  11. I lost heat in February once. It was soooo cold. Could not get warm. It was awful. People who complain about global warming have no idea of how much worse the opposite would be.
  12. I recall you posting that the other day- what is her defense on this ? What does she intend to gain by NOT prosecuting ?
  13. In Massachusetts awhile back a DA stated that she will not prosecute shoplifters or people breaking into your house... Can you imagine someone breaking into your house and the DA won't prosecute ? You might as well just give the guy a key
  14. The Baltimore riots were insane- I was there . Talk about some of the most bizarre behavior
  15. Well it was assumed a battery radio of some sort to stay up to date on current events- candles - meh- those lights that go around your head are better . Batteries there too heat? Depending on the season . I can always get warm- hot is when people start getting crazy
  16. Look at what they did to Reginald Denny. how did the Korean store owners keep the looters out?
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