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  1. Heh heh. An understatement if there ever was one.
  2. How will Trump be UnPresidented?

    I would prefer self-immolation to spontaneous combustion, on live TV. The man deserves to make his own choices.
  3. The Lunatic Fringe on NHB

    This shouldn't happen in the United States of America.
  4. petitions

    I get more Progressive links in my inbox on any given day.
  5. Does Trump have a case against Mueller?

    The only case Trump has against Mueller is the same one he had against Comey. Both are on the trail leading to proof of criminal activity.
  6. I love that combo of cleavage and firepower.
  7. Trump support is vastly OVERRATED. A large segment of those who elected him are now disgusted with his performance but unwilling to admit they made a mistake.
  8. America, The Ignorant

    You believe your fellow ignoramus who you so wisely helped elect.
  9. Great little story. The crew and any passengers had a nautical tale to tell forever after.
  10. America, The Ignorant

    The Cult, at the same time as it ridicules uppity know-it-alls, takes for granted that all scientists, including biologists, will not stop working to keep them safe and secure. And they are probably correct. Committed ignoramuses, as much political damage as they have done, are a minority in society.
  11. America, The Ignorant

    Preservation of the Cult Of Ignorance has been extremely useful, politically. Members of the cult take for granted, the technological benefits of real science and technology. They ridicule science yet embrace its fruits without recognizing the the contradiction. They have performed the mental somersault so many times it has become second nature. Most of the time, scientists, engineers or artists do not come from this group.
  12. So the most famous symbol of the America Confederacy takes it's place in history, along with the swastika and the burning cross. Symbols of tyranny oppression and discord.
  13. Whatya Binge Watching Now

    Yeah. I know the experience. There's a POS movie I've watched several times now ... "Drive Angry" with Nicolas Cage. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense but it's got some great scenes of the shabby side of life. The honkey tonks, the attractive crazies, a far-out religious cult and the Devil's accountant. I might even watch it again after awhile.
  14. RIP Maryam Mizrakhani

    Please try to understand sorrow about Ms Mizrakhani's death by one who is math-illiterate, by comparison. The real hero's of our world should not be the entertainers and sports figures, idolized by so many, but the scientists and mathematicians, on the cutting edge of human technological progress. As a rule, in the US, these creative, explorers of knowledge are underpaid, unknown and unsung. RIP Maryam Mizrakhani
  15. So, a party of evil.