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  1. form the imbecile who claimed the republicans who impeached bill Clinton presumed he was innocent. that is about as stupid as anything out of your dickhole of a mouth. by the way, trump said he likes poorly educated people and you nit wits were too dumb to be insulted. man that is stupid. enjoy the impeachment and wear those hats so we know who you are ex post facto.
  2. the speech where don told the boy scouts what a great guy he is and wonderful he is. yup, adultery is right up there in the boy scvout creed next to hate thy neighbor and cheat at business. your hero is a dirtball immorality runs rampant among your ilk.
  3. poorly educated like yourself don't grasp that this is the result of the Obama economy. take the test what economic policies did don pass that affected the economy. case closed dopey. the affects of trumps policies should he ever pass one, will be felt in a year or two.
  4. if you are not better off under barry you are either a moron or lying. it's provable so enjoy what Obama did for you and thank him.
  5. trump will lose a shitload buddy just watch. anmerica is ashamed. the head of the boy scouts just apologized for the speech that selfish bastard gave. too funny
  6. because don is a mean spirited prick he just cut $ 9 billion for education and you call him generous. bwahahahhahahahahahaha you could use some education
  7. you fucking imbecile...he donated $100,00 while cutting $ 9 ,000,000,000. that's billion. you seem to be easily fooled by trumps antics. don likes stupid people like you. the rest of of, not so much.
  8. old harry was right .again!!!!!

    yeah right, old don will write a bill that will institute even tougher sanctions against Russia. you don't understand politics too well do you. such an ingénue thou art. see don has his mobpiece say he will either veto the sanctions or make them even tougher so that when don bvetoes the sanctions he will claim they were not tough enough and nothing else will be done until we impeach this traitor. hey after the impeachment wear that stinky maga hat so we know who to round up for the reeducation camps.
  9. Transgender to remain in military service

    golly didn't lying don say he supported trans rights? oh well I guess only the truly stupid believe lying don. i'm glad you believe him
  10. thgere is no evidence ulike the mountain of evidence your traitor colluded with the enemy
  11. well , last week we were assured by the usual suspects that orange guy would sign the bill placing stiff sanctions against his pals and cohorts the Russians. it looks like they were wrong, again, but will no doubt have lots of excuswes for being face farted yet again. it is amazing how much humiliation they will endure rather than admit they were wrong. anyway all you rightists can enjoy another blast of hot trump fartgas right in the old kisser. enjoy the stench while we enjoy your humiliation. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-may-veto-russia-sanctions-bill-that-seeks-to-restrain-his-power/ar-AAoV4si?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp
  12. like the time crazy don assured the world the 6th fleet was sailing full speed ahead towards north korea when the were headed in the opposite direction

    you moron most of them will choose to not buy because they cannot afford it and won't be subsidized. how fucking stupid are you to believe a piece of shit like annie who disparaged the families of 9/11 victims. whose side are you on ?
  14. #10 More Liberal Poison

    what the fuck are you babbling about?
  15. your problem is that you blame the entire left for the mistakes of one or two people.