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  1. Bannon telling The Pig to feed some more red meat to his religious illiterate base. You all know exactly what this is about.
  2. The only line I want to see on his body is a Y incision.
  3. Despite the name calling by some...

    The BSA is nothing but a rightwing religious funded organization. The only reason they allowed gays into the BSA was because of technicalities. Like their use of Federal land for their little hitlerjugend rallies among others. They didn't do it because they wanted to.
  4. It came along time ago when The Pig/Bannon chose Pence as his VP. Why else would he pick a rightwing religious whackjob?
  5. The reason.Two words. Midterm elections.
  6. Simply put, Bannon is a puppet master. He is by no means a religious person. He uses the Christian Taliban and the weak minded to accomplish his agenda.
  7. To be fair, there were many Democrats that said the same thing, so they either didn't vote or voted independent.
  8. They could be made in a sweat shop in China like the rest of The Pig's crap and none of his fools would care. Just how stupid can a human being be?
  9. I think parents should be more diligent in allowing what organizations their children should participate in.
  10. I just can't believe people are letting the BSA get a pass on this. They invited him knowing full well what his message would be. Anyone with half a brain would know what The Pig would use this event for. They knew what they were doing.
  11. Boycott Kentucky

    Well of course you would. I would rather see McConnell run two and a half furlongs, break his leg, and be put down. My wife would wear a big fancy hat to see that.
  12. Boycott Kentucky

    8.5 Billion, capital B. Horse racing is another elitist sport with no regard for the welfare of the animal. They're just a commodity. That horse doesn't want to run it's lungs out to please a crowd of pricks and make some asshole money. And if they get injured in the process, they get the needle. What a great life for one of god's creatures.
  13. I'm not sure. I think he absolutely hates The Pig. He voted to go forward on a healthcare replacement vote. That doesn't mean he will vote for Trumpcare. He's hard to call on this issue. He may still surprise you.
  14. Boycott Kentucky

    A McConnell fan I wager. Hit Kentucky and the slimball McConnell where it hurts, the pocketbook. If the whiskey industry wants to hitch their wagon to a prick like him, let them suffer the consequences.
  15. Jeff Sessions is done for.

    The scary thing is just how stupid are these senators that they couldn't see how insane The Pig is from the beginning. These are the people that make our laws. Who in their right mind would hitch their wagon to a madman?