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  1. Democrats "READY FOR A CULTURE WAR" ????? I say BRING IT... I DO NOT advocate harm or any fundamental violation of human rights... but if ALL human rights are to be valued... then THOSE who DO NOT support "Trans Gender", "Homosexual", and "MABLA" type lifestyles... THEY need to be HEARD as well.. With the Democrats, it's ONLY the THEIR side that is to be HEARD, PROTECTED, or SUPPORTED... I say BULL SHIT to THAT approach... It's time to stand UP for the BLUE COLLAR, RED BLOODED, NORMAL Americans... no one should be "violated", BUT the rights of the FEW, DO NOT overshadow the rights of the Many !!
  2. I believe that is true, but because, at it's core, it makes sense !! If you pick out 1000 military people, special forces, seals whatever... 99% of them are NOT going to want to share facilities with a "trans gender" individual... and THAT would be THEIR RIGHT !! Of course the trans gender person has rights too, HOWEVER, the rights of the FEW do not take precedence over the rights of the many... AND, if the cohesion and effectiveness of the military is at risk? The decision needs to be based on THAT, and nothing else !! "Political CORRECTNESS" be DAMNED !!
  3. Trump has been saying THAT since the beginning of his campaign !! He ALWAYS said the rich should pay more TAXES. It's just something that LIBERALS chose NOT to REMEMBER !! HERE an article from EARLY in 2016... http://www.toledoblade.com/news/2016/05/08/Trump-in-reversal-says-wealthy-Americans-should-pay-more-taxes.html
  4. RIGHT !! JUST LIKE the 77% of Americans who DID NOT feel that Transgender persons were comparable with the cohesion and structure of the military were appropriate, were THROWN under the bus by Barack Obama???????????? Get a GRIP.. there are TWO SIDES to every argument... and LIBERALS only want to look at ONE SIDE!! THEIRS !! You'll get your wish though... Dems will LOSE !!
  5. Yea, well.. Illegals, ballot box stuffing, voting multiple times, and voting DEAD people are not leagal votes... so, they would not count. THAT would put Democrats DOWN by 2-3 million votes !!
  7. NO YOU'RE forgetting... 306 Electoral Votes, and the "impregnable" Democrat BLUE WALL Shattered !! WINNING !!
  8. Nah, Hillary, Comey, Susan Rice, and Barak Obama have NOT been called to testify yet... BUT, it will come ! ...and when it does, there will be a HOWLING and GNASHING or teeth, thru-out Washington... LIKE it has NEVER seen before !!
  9. Democrats FREAK OUT over Trumps "Trans Gender" ban, BUT, the POLLS indicate something completely different !! Only 23% think Trans genders are good for the Military, 77% DO NOT !! So, something close to 77% of Americans SUPPORT Donald Trump on the decision !! If Democrats think they are going to WIN BACK Blue Collar America by supporting the Trans Gender-ization of America? THEY are a lot further from EVER winning elections again, than they THINK !!
  10. A DNC IT support guy, and a Pakistani national, was caught stealing from various Democrat House members, and STILL Debbi Wasserman Schultz REFUSED to fire him... They paid him millions over the last few years, and when he was caught engaging in bank fraud, and arrest was imminent, he BROKE UP various computers that he had stolen from the DNC, and tried to escape to Pakistan. What's more, Debbi Wasseman Schultz tried to protect him from arrest, and WANTED her computers back, and threatened law enforcement in the process... http://www.dailywire.com/news/19002/democratic-it-aide-allegedly-stole-house-democrats-ben-shapiro?utm_source=dwemail&utm_medium=email&utm_content=072617-news&utm_campaign=position1
  11. GET READY Libs... PAYBACK is COMING !! After 6 months of Liberals trying to push a NON story about Trump Russian COLLUSION.... WHAT will they do when the shoe is on the other foot... and NSA SPYING on Americans, including Donald Trump.. without cause.. THEN, giving that information to the Obama administration, who then disseminated and de-masked THOUSANDS of Americans... including Obama people... in order to gain politically, and to HARN Donald Trump during an election year... ALL of which, the FBI apparently was aware of !! THIS is GOING TO GET FUN !! ALL with a PISSED OFF Donald TRUMP PUSHING ACTION... I think LOTS of Democrats are going to JAIL !!... and talk of Trump being impeached? IT'S DONE !!
  12. HOPE all you LIBS saw Trumps Ohio RALLY Yesterday !!

    NONE of that had to do with Obama !! THAT was ALL TRUMP !! DEAL WITH IT !!
  13. After a YEAR of investigation, there is NO EVIDENCE that Trump "colluded" with ANYONE !! BUT there IS evidence that the Hillary campaign did... with MULTIPLE Countries, entities, and companies to DAMAGE Donald Trump !! AND, Obama had NO LEGAL RIGHT to spy on Americans... MAYBE he tried to FABRICATE a reason to SPY on Donald Trump... but usually, there is EVIDENCE of the crime, before authority to spy on an American citizen is granted... the stories coming out indicate the SPYING was OUT OF CONTROL, RAMPANT, and MOST of it ILLEGAL !! WHAT are you DemHORROIDS going to do about the FACTS?
  14. HOPE all you LIBS saw Trumps Ohio RALLY Yesterday !!

    YOU are a MORON... here's why: 1) Consumer confidence TODAY is at a 10 year high, 2) Stock Market is hitting NEW HIGHS every day, 3) JOBS are on the rise, INCLUDING among minorities 4) Trump goes to Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and PACKS Arena's for his Rally's, And YOU think Trumps approval ratings are what the FAKE MEDIA tell us they are? YOU are a GULLIBLE, IDIOT !! YOU just ARE !!
  15. ABSOLUTELY !! The ACLU is UP IN ARMS over the ABUSES... Abuses that were exacerbated by Barack Obama, by: 1) Allowing unmasking of HUGE number of Americans at , 2) Loosening the distribution rules for dissemination of the information, and 3) By doing so, ENCOURAGED Leaking to the press to DAMAGE political opponents !! This all started to seep out about a month or two ago, but NOW, the reporting CIRCA News did is being SUBSTANTIATED by OFFICIAL EVIDENCE... and EVEN the ACLU is UP IN ARMS about it !