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  1. The reverse underground railroad

    The Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 implied that Unborn Children, including blacks, have no rights and that they could be killed in the north or the south. As bad as was Dred Scott, it's harm is moderate in comparison to the many tens of millions of Americans that have been killed as a consequence of Roe v. Wade.
  2. GOP: No health care for you!

    All damn expensive, but you don't need to pay even a thin dime. Just choose not to purchase health insurance. Yes .... there is that terrible offensive Affordable Care Act individual mandate where we have to give the government a chuck of our income in order to have the privilege not to purchase health insurance, but that is a separate issue.
  3. Attribution would have been appropriate, but the editorial is correct. California is headed the way of Detroit and for the same core defects in their governance. You can not punish the productive with ever higher taxes while rewarding the parasitic with ever greater benefits. The result is very predictable, fewer productive people and more parasites and that is not a sustainable economic model.
  4. Willful Ignorance

    When the government takes money, tax money, from people, and then distributes the same a charity to other individuals, this is welfare. This abuse of power has been approved by the Supreme Court in a number of terrible decisions from the thirties which arose from a deliberate misreading of the general welfare clause , Article I, Section 8. "General Welfare Clause" ... this is why we call such programs welfare. It is great to have such wonderful examples of people being willfully ignorant.
  5. Our (U.S.) Insurance "Culture"

    This will work great. All those who want to be socialist can be socialists together and the rest of us can live our own lives free from this form of economic oppression. I have no desire to tell any socialist how she must live her life, I just don't want them dictating how I must live mine.
  6. Our (U.S.) Insurance "Culture"

    I think this is better than forced socialism provided that the only funding is from a dedicated tax that people can opt out of paying and no funding comes from the general revenue. Be fore we start a new program, we should start by doing exactly the same thing with Medicare and Social Security. Anyone who wants to forgo benefits can opt out, exempting them from the corresponding taxes, but the entire funding for those programs must come from only the dedicated taxes intended to fund those programs and not from the general revenue else you are still forcing people to pay for something that they don't want, and, if they opted out, that they will not even receive. Socialism is not so offensive to liberty if participation if voluntary. We can start by repealing the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate today.
  7. Willful Ignorance

    Having the government takes large chunks of money from the people for dependency programs leads to poverty. I have no problem at all with funding highways with use taxes. Last I checked, people have water bills. Last I checked, people have energy bills. Having primarily welfare health care contributes to poverty. Government welfare education may have a long term positive impact on an economy as education contributes substantially to productivity, but the same can be accomplished more efficient and with higher quality without the involvement of the government. Think of all the millions of Americans, primarily those most in need of an education, that are not educated in inner-city welfare schools. What a terrible wast of money, and, more importantly, human lives. Please don't be intentionally ignorant.
  8. Our (U.S.) Insurance "Culture"

    Even $335.70 a month is only a fraction of what it costs to deliver health care to Medicare recipients which is why the American people are heavily taxed to support this program, both with a dedicated payroll tax, which is not sufficient, and also with funds out off the general account. If Medicare was funded by premiums there would be no Medicare payroll tax and no money in the federal budget for Medicare. Please don't be willfully ignorant.
  9. Willful Ignorance

    Some great examples of willful ignorance: Ignoring all the evidence around the world that socialism results in poverty. Thinking that a minimum wage helps poor people. Believing that a unique unborn human individuals is not a human. Ignoring all tremendous power of a free market economy to create wealth and elevate people out of poverty. The belief that profits are evil. The consequences? Many tens of millions of dead Americans and great economic oppression around the world.
  10. GOP: No health care for you!

    The top 1% are grossly overtaxed. According to CNBC, in 2014, the top 1% payed 45.7% of all income tax, it is almost impossible to cut taxes without benefiting the people that pay almost half of the taxes. I find it amusing with socialist like Sen. Sanders talk very animatedly about the evils of discrimination while simultaneously discriminating aggressively against the most productive Americans.
  11. If I hated the poor and minorities or if I was utterly ignorant of economics, I would be a Democrat.
  12. GOP: No health care for you!

    Tax cuts for people who actually pay taxes. It is not like you can cut taxes on low income workers who not only don't pay any income tax, they have a negative tax burden because of funded tax credits, tax expenditures.
  13. Our (U.S.) Insurance "Culture"

    Then don't purchase health insurance. Just pay for your care out of your pocket. The biggest reason we have expensive health care is because we have extensive health insurance, more like health maintenance plans, which destroys the normal pricing mechanism that exist in a free market. If we wanted to greatly improve the value of health are in America, then we need to get rid of almost all health insurance. Coverage should be only for catastrophic care, true risk, and not maintenance care. All doctor visits, routine lab work, drugs and medical equipment should all be out of pocket where individual consumers are making judgments about the value of the goods and services they are receiving. The very worst part of health care, as far as destroying market based pricing, are government welfare programs like Medicare where the recipient not only does not pay for goods and services received, they don't even pay premiums. These should be the very first program that are terminated if we want to have affordable health care in America.
  14. Our (U.S.) Insurance "Culture"

    Insurance is voluntary socialism except when it is not voluntary, then it is just socialism by proxy. The only insurance I would voluntary purchase are those product designed to mitigate catastrophic risks, such as the house burning down.
  15. Minimum wage is an unfunded mandate, a regulatory tax, and it is a disincentive to job creation and puts American companies at a competitive disadvantage. These type of laws kill American jobs while protecting foreign labor from American competition. A $2 an hour manufacturing job is worth $2 an hour pretty much anywhere in the world and all of those jobs are leaving America. American manufacturing has become capital intensive rather than labor intensive with the result that there are fewer and fewer good $2 an hour manufacturing jobs left in America. No one is going to pay anyone $15 to perform $2 worth of work. When labor becomes noncompetitive because of government price fixing, then labor is replaced with capital investments, people are replaced by machines. This is not hard to understand. The true minimum wage will always be $0.00 and no law of has any power to change that ugly reality.