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  1. Why should we care whether or not Russia has 'more power' in the region? We're -- hopefully -- getting out of this nest of snakes. If the Russians want to take our place ... well, they're dumber than I thought. What will they do with this 'power' they're supposedly getting? They poured hundreds of millions of dollars that they could ill afford when they had socialism, or now, sending arms to various Arab Nationalist regimes. Nice target practice for the Israelis. Did we get 'more power' when we took on responsibility for ruling Iraq? If so, save me from that kind of 'power'. Look, Trump's a horrible man and will, I hope, soon become a chapter in the history books of the future. But don't be tempted to just reflexively oppose everything he does, just because he does it, the way some conservatives automatically opposed everything Obama did (or, wisely, didn't do, in the case of Syria).
  2. New PM for Zarho

    This isn't very nice. The little man with red gloves is clearly a 'hard-hat', and Leftists despise hard-hats almost as much as they despise 'rednecks'.
  3. Trump loves Assad. That's why he bombed Assad's air force. Sort of equivalent to 'rough sex' in human relationships.
  4. The US should have tens of millions of citizens who are bi-lingual in English and Spanish, millions who speak Mandarin, and hundreds of thousands who speak Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, French and German. The way to achieve this is through structured student exchanges, where the language-learner spends a year in a country speaking the target language, after a year's study here. . We should host equivalent numbers from those countries who come to the US Insert other media to learn English.
  5. The following does not apply to the social sciences and humanities. 1. Let the international co-ordinating bodies of professional technical/scientific organizations come together and devise syllabuses for their subjects -- say at three levels, roughly corresponding to American high school diploma, bachelor's degree, master's degree. (Some subjects may not have a high-school diploma equivalent, but they almost certainly have required prerequisites.) 2. Establish an extensive library, in several major languages, of freely-available digital resources: text, video, computer-aided-learning. 3. Let these bodies appoint committees to write annual exams in these subjects, at each level. Make them takeable by computer, insofar as possible. Translate these exams into the eight or so major languages, perhaps others if there is demand for them. 4. Establish how many of these exams, in what range of subjects, need to be passed at what grade, to merit the award of a certificate at the appropriate level. 5. Give these exams annually, with appropriate security checks to deter 'ringers'. So, to illustrate. You complete high school and want to study electrical engineering, but can't afford, or for some other reason cannot attend, a traditional college/university. Maybe you're a bright Bolivian peasant boy, or a Syrian refugee, or a Kenyan living in a rural area. You acquire the (free) digital resources, study them, and take the annual examination in the subjects you have prepared for. Repeat if necessary. When you have passed the right number of courses with the right grades, you are awarded your International Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering. This could be financed by exam fees, smart benevolent millionaires, and crowd-funding; labor could be contributed on the same basis that public domain software is built. Objections?
  6. RIP Maryam Mizrakhani

    Bill -- one of us should PM the other with an email address. I'm still sorting my stuff out but it should be ready by the end of the summer. I use 'Art of Problem Solving' a lot -- I give out his 'Stop Making Stupid Mistakes' to my students in the Math Club -- hasn't worked yet but I have faith.
  7. Someone once said, "Every generation faces a barbarian invasion in the form of its own children, whom it must civilize." Here is a lovely movie about sweet little children working it out.
  8. As I recall, it was always to keep the barrel pointed up, except when engaging a target, so that an accidental discharge wouldn't injure your own side. Anyway, what does 'know your target' mean?
  9. Spicer dumps trump

    More (just a bit more) information here.
  10. Self-improvement stuff, not all hokey: http://bakadesuyo.us5.list-manage.com/
  11. Drivers'licenses, social security, selective service .... you can't escape the state in the modern world. So why not Voter ID as well?
  12. Trumpy's Worst Nightmare!!!

    The people or the computer code?
  13. Thanks ... it takes a while to figure out to whom to respond, and to whom to assign a DSM IV code and then ignore.
  14. It's an interesting question, why people persist in supporting a clearly corrupt political leader. The answer has to be something along these lines: "I'm just a little guy - a car mechanic, a farmer, a hair stylist -- i don't know anything about the distant world of high politics. Perhaps he did do something ... we're all human. And he's fighting for us. So I'll give him a pass". And it's not new! Please read about the popularity of this man, before thinking that only the Republican Base can remain stubbornly loyal to someone obviously unfit for office.
  15. Trumpy's Worst Nightmare!!!

    The pointers in the thread database must have gotten scrambled up. Someone call a software engineer!