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  1. Hilarious. Giving his base a bone that they can gnaw on. Fucking animals, the lot of them.
  2. The world will be a better place when Sean Hannity dies. How is that for a legacy? To know that the world would have been better had you not been born.
  3. Reading comprehension much? It was on the news as I stated in my post. I used to play on the golf team in high school. It was fun. Dropped it some years ago. Too frustrating.
  4. When Scaramucci "praised" Sarah Huckabee Sanders on her hairdo and makeup I actually cringed. And then Trump gives a political speech to a bunch of boy scouts. This administration is so embarrassing. I had to turn off the news. It is getting to be too much.
  5. Where in the hell is the "preview this post" option??? And I can't post images! WTF
  6. I hate it. I can't even cut and paste images to my post. I also don't like the lessening of the images of member's avatars. This change has given me more impetus to leave this site and go over to the other one than anything I remember.
  7. It wouldn't surprise me if Manafort was ratting on Trump, even if he advised to do it in the first place. Manafort isn't an idiot. He's an evil bastard, but not an idiot. He will teach Trump what a real 'deal' looks like when he just walks away from this shitstorm.
  8. Trump weakens NATO and now yields Syria to Russian and Iranian interests. Good work, cons!
  9. Here is an indisputable fact: the ignorant, conservative, Republican constituency have humiliated The United States of America in the eyes of the world. Thanks for that, cons.
  10. I would love to see Ted Nugent/Kid Rock run for the presidency in 2020. It would be the deathblow to America's stature in the world. This country is seething with ignorance. I would carpet bomb certain areas in the south just to raise our collective IQ.
  11. No, I missed that, thankfully. LMFAO! OMG. I'm busting a gut. What a fucking idiot. LOL. I need to take a break before I get a hernia.