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  1. Exactly. Just look at this board. The more stupid, ignorant and uneducated someone is, the easier they are to lie to, brainwash and manipulate, like our con morons here.
  2. This is going to be the most shocking and astonishing exposure of Presidential corruption and criminality in American history.
  3. Yeah - if he goes after a con Senator, the other con Senators won't like it one bit.
  4. The real question is, did any of those moron Kansas rednecks learn their lesson. Maybe if they realize how much indulging their mindless hatred costs them personally, they'll stop sacrificing America to it.
  5. Jeff Sessions is done for.

    Yep. Session was a good and loyal lapdog to Trump - agreed with everything, even going so far as to lie under oath at his bidding. He expected a long, cozy, mutually corrupt relationship with Trump. Then he found out that his master had never intended to return his loyalty. Once Sessions got caught perjuring himself, and was facing an investigation, he found out that Trump expected him to sacrifice himself -to fall on his sword for him - to KEEP ON LYING ANYWAY, even if it ruined his career with convictions for ethics violations and perjury. Now Jeffy is MAD at his former master, and is refusing to serve him any more.
  6. No, it isn't. It's a massive success. Tens of MILLIONS of Americans covered. YOU: It's going broke and falling apart Now that cons are defunding and sabotaging it in every way possible. YOU:It's up to the republicans to try and fix it Cons don't want to "fix" it. They want to eliminate affordable healthcare so that their insurance company masters can go back to denying healthcare to the people who need it, and raping everyone else for every dime. YOU: You just think we can insure millions and millions of people with no $$$.... You are a pathetic, lying whore who tells lies and tries to hurt America for a few cents. ...
  7. Despite the name calling by some...

    It's kind of cute how pouty you get when you lose.
  8. Despite the name calling by some...

    You lied. That's all.
  9. Despite the name calling by some...

    So, you can't defend your fairy story. Remember, you said there were decades of people TRYING TO DESTROY IT. Your posting a pile of cut and paste about people trying to make it more inclusive doesn't qualify. Thanks for the admission.
  10. Despite the name calling by some...

    No, it doesn't "seem" that way at all. I understand that referring to what you said as a laughable fairy story is far too complicated for an uneducated con moron like you to understand. YOU: Care to try again? Don't need to. You take enormous pride in shouting lies all day long, and that makes you a sad and degraded person. YOU: If it will help I'll rephrase; Care to point out the "laughable fairy stories"? ------------------------------- BP: Blah blah blah DM: That is a laughable fairy story. BP: What is? I don't understand! Where am I? Who am I? Where's my ass??????? ----------------------------- YOU: As an aside...it is fitting that you used the term "fairy". I don't know - is it?
  11. Despite the name calling by some...

    The nonstop, laughable fairy stories you cons tell yourselves abut "evil liberals" really expose how cowardly, immoral and corrupt you all are. No wonder you worship morons, lunatics and traitors.
  12. Jeff Sessions is done for.

    Well, Sessions didn't recuse himself out of "integrity". He perjured himself (nicely done, Senator Franken), and he was told unless he followed the rules there was going to be an ethic complaint against him, so he folded like a cheap suit.
  13. Jeff Sessions is done for.

    The problem is that Trump put Sessions in place specifically to block investigations into Trump's crimes. Trump is FURIOUS that Sessions recused himself and can no longer obstruct justice to protect him. Trump is badmouthing him in public to shame him into quitting, because Trump wants to pretend that he didn't '"fire" another person for the purposes of obstructing justice.
  14. Despite the name calling by some...

    You cons do love your lies, don't you.
  15. Jeff Sessions is done for.

    Poor Jeffy thought Trump was just another old school, corrupt, racist wink wink thieving con. He didn't realize that Trump is simply out of his mind. Jeffy is getting precisely what he deserves.