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  1. I can tell you were never in the service. If you really want to know all the reasons why this is a wise decision I will tell you. You must agree first you will actually listen or I won't waste my time.
  2. My understanding is he amended it the day after it was submitted and that such corrections are quite common.
  3. Why am I a science denier if I question global warming but liberals are not when they say gender is a social construct?
  4. It's a lie because you choose to believe Gorkov. Why? I thought you didn't like Russians. Why would you believe his account. Does he have proof or just his word against Kushner. Prove the lie.
  5. So if these guys "Lie" even though you can't prove they lied they are bad.....if you LIE and it is proven you won't even address it. Good job hypocrite.
  6. Ok....so this proves what then? I just read through the emails. I didn't see anything damaging to Kushner.
  7. Is that right? Here is an actual lie...just so from now on you know what one looks like and sounds like....it even came from you. "You said you have proof exonerating Kushner"- jacksonpollock Now that....is a 100 percent provable lie. Are you going to admit you lied or are you going to double down on it? I bet you double down on it. That is after all what a liar does. You could have some integrity and admit of course that you lied. You won't though.
  8. 1. You said you have proof exonerating Kushner- jacksonpollock LIE 2. Omissions are not lies....especially when you correct the omission.
  9. You want me to post official transcripts of things that provide no proof of Russian collusion? If that is what you are asking for yes I can provide hours of senate testimony on the subject from many people that contains zero proof for that narrative. Would you like me to?
  10. Show the email response and the subject line that was there.
  11. News articles, official transcripts, information released to the public by WH sources etc.