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  1. And everyone minus dumbfucks like you say if it fails under trump with a repub congress, they will own it. Including your dumbfuck himself. but they are all wrong, some fucking partisan dumbfuck on a political forum knows better.
  2. That's not what your dumbfuck fuhrer said. and we ain't going backwards, if anything it turns to single payer that is what we should have done in the first place but too many repubs were there.
  3. Trump said the congress will replace Obamacare or they will own it. I'd love to see him try and make it fail.
  4. He got his ass handed to him because you told him to mortgage his home to pay some guys med bill? You are a dumbfuck of epic proportions.
  5. Repubs aren't passing their piece of shit so go fuck yourself.
  6. You don't own jack shit and only prove you are an ignorant asshole.:)
  7. You are full of shit but pass it anyway, less than 20% of the population wants it repealed, let the repubs be fucked for doing so.
  8. The assholes don't have the votes to repeal and replace or replace Obamacare. Go fuck yourself it's here to stay.
  9. You mean the dumbshit is going to place sanctions on russia for fucking with our election and then in the same breath say they didn't do it? Sounds like something the dumbfuck would do.
  10. don't worry, we will take our time doing it, it's too early before the midterm elections.
  11. The guy just posted the quotes from the other day, you must be a fucking moron.
  12. we know the russians contacted one of the trump stooges and said we have dirt on Hillary and he said "he loved it". and met with them. That's proof right there regardless of what they talked about.
  13. That was 2 months ago, he's convinced now.
  14. Transgender to remain in military service

    Why not? Some are stupid enough to think it's going to happen at all. He was just throwing a little bigotry out there to keep his supporters happy.