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  1. I got rid of the Reputation...Was that smart?
  2. I have no idea.. but it is not required.. but sex and location are.. .. those two things things normal to know if you are chatting with someone..
  3. I am sure if you uploaded that stuff.. no harm.. but from now on it will just be location and sex..
  4. www.beyondquotes.com is the perfect website to compare term life rates. You, the visitor, are under no obligation - You are welcome to consult with a licensed insurance agent from your state via this portal. Please visit.
  5. Members logging in - required to insert location and political party - That is what I thought I required - is that a good idea?
  6. Step Required Political Party: Political party you identify with? ✓ Gender We want to know where you are. ✗ Location We want to know where you are. X so it does require political party.. but requiring gender and location.. is probably a good idea.
  7. There is a capatcha for guests to put in in order to post.. which is not such a bad idea.
  8. can you see the place where we see the amount of posts per day.. I am curious if it went up or down since the software upgrade.
  9. Why are old topics locked?

    teacher will be back and figure this out.
  10. Warden has to go in there.. and figure this out..
  11. Can't see how to PM you. Also user content has been diminished. I lost over six thousand posts in my content count. lucifershammer lost thousands too. So it must be widespread.

  12. The new site is better for smart phones...... Which is huge.
  13. old content is coming back.. very soon.. everything is being re uploaded.