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Political Forum & Chat Room Guidelines - Our forum members love to chat about politics!

Forum Terms & Rules

LiberalForum.org is wholly owned by Custom Website Design, LLC. You must understand, acknowledge and agree with all of terms and conditions ("Agreement") stated herein prior to registering for an account or otherwise using our politcal chat room or any other part of this political forum.

1. Prohibited Uses. You are strictly prohibited from using or promoting viruses, trojan horses, MySQL squeezing, hacking, phreaking, or any software or system that may threaten, damage or burden our political chat room, website, software, server, or any other website, software or server.

2. Political Chat Room Forum Postings. LiberalForum.org makes politics discussion forums available to its users. Any information that is written, pasted, posted or otherwise disclosed in these areas becomes public. You are advised to exercise caution when disclosing your personal or professional thoughts and/or information. Posts and any other form of submission by users express the views of the author of the message, and NOT the views of LiberalForum.org.

3. Code of Conduct. You must abide by our Code of Conduct:

A. Adhere to Politcal Chat Room Designations. There's a "Free For All" category (the section you are in now) and a Liberals-Only area. Accept it, or don't participate. Don't complain about the structure of the site! Free For All means just that, you can post there if you're fascist or you're communist. However, the "Liberals-Only" area is an entirely different type of conversation, and is created for people who already agree on basic principles and philosophy of liberalism and can move on from there to chat the issues in a different context.

B. Be Civil. Don't use language that lowers the tone from that you would see on a television show (i.e., "Crossfire" or "Politically Incorrect"). Attacking your opponent personally is not appropriate. What is considered civil in heated political chat and discourse? For example, don't say "you're an idiot." Instead, you can say, "that's an idiotic position." Criticizing aspects of people that are beyond their control, such as their race, gender, immediate economic status, etc., are NOT acceptable and will get you thrown out of our polital forum and chat room.

(1) Profanity. Pronanity should never be used. I, personally, do not like to hear profanity. Curse words just give me a bad feeling, therefor, don't use curse words on this forum.

(2) Adult Material. Adult material is strictly prohibited.

(3) Spam. You may not post messages that promote commercial products or services, or any form of self-promotion.

C. Be Sincere. Don't post just to get people riled up. Don't disrupt the purpose of the political chat room forum, which is to foster genuine, and where possible, constructive dialogue between people of liberal and conservative viewpoints.

(1) Misrepresentation. Do not post messages that contain intention misrepresentation of facts, or intentionally distort the truth.

(2) Misdirection. Do not change the subject of a thread or post or otherwise misdirect a political chat discussion.

4. Deletion, Modification or Moving of Posts/Threads. LiberalForum.org reserves the right to remove any forum posting that its admin or chat room moderators consider inappropriate or in poor taste.

5. Applicable Law. This Agreement is to be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of Florida and the United States of America.

6. Entire Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement.

7. Modification of Terms. We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice to you. Please return to this political chat room to review our terms.