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#1059786154 Defund NPR - Will Republicans Get It Done This Time???

Posted by etienne on Today, 09:46 AM

I disagree. Talented artists should be subsidized to a certain extent. They enrich our culture. Other countries, mainly France, are issuing these subsidies and actually taking some of our finest artists. These people cannot afford health care in our country. I have also read of artists writers, etc. who wanted to come and live in the U.S. but declined to do so for the same reason.

FDR enacted big subsidies for artists, writers, musicians, etc, back it the day. It was a great thing. They still have gov't grants to an extent, but not near what it used to be.

Pubs hate art, they're too stupid to get it, let alone create any. If it aint a painting of a deer gettin shot, it aint art, to them.
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#1059786130 Defund NPR - Will Republicans Get It Done This Time???

Posted by etienne on Today, 09:37 AM

Gun shows and Rodeos enrich my culture -

Maybe you could shoot the animals you enjoy torturing.

You know what's really been pissing me off? Aligator killers. Them dadgum Southerners, nuthin better to do that to go around catchin and killing aligators and crocs. LEAVE THE FING ALIGATORS ALONE! And now they have commercials about it they throw up in your face every half hour. What is wrong with people? They don't need to kill no dadgum aligators to eat or make boots and purses out of. It's disgusting and cruel.
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#1059785615 The Power of the White Race

Posted by etienne on Yesterday, 07:54 PM

Trained and equipped and then led by us, after spending their whole childhood being educated by us and their whole lives following our laws.
What I'm seeing is the power that would take to cause and withstand such damage, from both sides of a war.

You're right, white America has always treated black America fabulously, right from the get go. The black man sould be thankful. He sould be thankful for being enslaved and tortured and killed in the US AND being sent off and killed in the white man's wars.

Native Americans offer their kudos too--thanks! ;)

So what is this, a type of white race supremacy thread, seems so to me?

Your "facts" don't hold up to logical scrutiny, BTW.
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#1059784750 Lutheran Church

Posted by etienne on Yesterday, 04:10 AM

Nice! Vive le resistance!
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#1059784743 Breitbart Editor Condones Pedophilia

Posted by etienne on Yesterday, 03:14 AM

Thst neo-nazi a-hole Milo I guarantee is a paid agent provocature to go around stirring things up with nazi style proganda. Well, he crossed a line--very low bar at this point--and he's pretty much done. Hopefully he'll step out in front of a semi truck or something.
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#1059784079 Why I hate religion

Posted by etienne on 20 February 2017 - 05:34 PM

Hey, how much do you have to bribe the Tibetan Boss?

(Answer: "Top Dalai" )

How about being what you actually ARE: a human being? W/O all the religious baggage and labels? You're going to have to use your brainto figure stuff out anyway, regardless of what you call yourself.

Simpler to just be a human being.
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#1059783353 Is Trump winning anyone over?

Posted by etienne on 20 February 2017 - 07:52 AM

Gerrymandering, redistricting, voter suppression by creating more "hoops" for the poor and offering fewer polling places, espcially in black areas. Hillary dropped the ball though, BIGLY, in rural America and the working class vote in general.
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#1059783081 Texas Senator Smashes Table Trying to Silence Pro-Choice Speech

Posted by etienne on 19 February 2017 - 08:49 PM

Republican again prove they have only one tool in their box.
The solution is always the same for all problems.
The Hammer.

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#1059782915 Trump parrallels Hitler

Posted by etienne on 19 February 2017 - 06:12 PM

But Der Drumpf goes around the MSM w his TWIT-ter, his Facebook, his Bannon/Breitbart--Von Zuckerburg!--and is openly attacking anyone who pushes back on his sorry egomaniac, narcissistic ass. He's incredibly insecure, just like HitLAR!
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#1059782892 Trump parrallels Hitler

Posted by etienne on 19 February 2017 - 05:49 PM

Well, I know some history pretty well, and at the start when Drumpf got in this thing I wrote a big blog post delineating how he was doing Hilter's playbook, which he has/is--like textbook Nazi.

There should be no surprise. If you go into the deeper history of Drumpf and his daddy and granddaddy, they have all kinda German, American German, and various white nationalist networks in this country and abroad.

Drumpf studied a lot of Hitler's writings, k? Drumpf likes being a dictator, it's obvious, and he's bring in his own guys and "blowing up" the established status quo so he can dictate w his "alt facts", etc.

Well, they banned me from that blogsite for writing that as they said it was "too controversial". I go back there a few weeks back and they are all talking about how much Drumpf is just like Hitler or Mussolini, which I also said.

Scapegoating Mexicans, the Wall, the Muslim ban and registry. He'll go after blacks soon enough, and the Jews and the Leftys. Too obvious.

We already got a concentration camp in AZ, Arpaio's Tent City, Drumpf's good buddy.

Don't let bad history repeat itself in America folks, we don't want no ovens. He must be stopped.

Nazism never went away, folks, it went under ground, but now rearing it's ugly head in the open daylight, globally.
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#1059782840 Tramp Needs A Gallon of Crazy Glue

Posted by etienne on 19 February 2017 - 05:21 PM

K, well, this is straight outta the Hitler Nazi Party playbook. It's der Fuhrer Drumpf Nazi Party or Mussolini's Lion Party--check his logo, and he's always quoting that guy, "we gonna make the trains run on time", blah blah blah. Whenever the capitalistic economy is real shakey, and more and more people getting burned by it, losing shit, fascism generally comes to the for to try and hold the thing together w the "strong man". Drumpf has played the white working class like a violin, forms his base, and put sorry ass his the White House.

They got their own guys, k, and they fascists. They wanna "blow up" the existing status quo, checks and balances, 2 party thing, make it completely dysfunctional, attack the media, get their own "alt facts" propaganda going and control the whole show theyselves--dictator like. Only thing we're missing now is the SS unis and the armbands--but that's coming. False flag is on the table if need be.

I mean, this is all so obvious, if you know history, it's too obvious. I called this a year ago when the prick took to the race.

The way you can stop him is to bleep him in the bleeping bleep. Otherwise, they gonna drive this thang right over the cliff.
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#1059781500 Trump Shill Kelly Anne Conway Banned From Morning Joe...

Posted by etienne on 18 February 2017 - 12:53 PM

Thing is about lies is you get lost in them and get busted more and more often, she is to that stage now.

I do to I bet she goes home every night and says WTF!!

She's one of the best Spin Doctors in the biz. But not even she can put lipstick on the pigshit coming outta Drumpf's pie hole, 24/7. It's not humanly possible. Well, she signed up for the gig and has cashed in big time--lotsa new clothes and makeup-- but she's done.
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#1059781494 Trump Shill Kelly Anne Conway Banned From Morning Joe...

Posted by etienne on 18 February 2017 - 12:45 PM

Spicer for sure..I don not think Pence will last either..................Just a gut thing and watching body language.

Pence?! Huh? They can't just fire a VP can they? Plus, seems like he's one of the few more or less holding the clusterfuck together. He stays.

Conway is already done, cooked, put a fork in her, we won't see her again. I give Spicer another week or so, 2 weeks tops.
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#1059781479 Trump Shill Kelly Anne Conway Banned From Morning Joe...

Posted by etienne on 18 February 2017 - 12:34 PM

Are we winning again?

Am SO SICK of all this "winning"! ;)
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#1059781327 Flynn Could Possibly be replaced by Petraeus -- WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUC

Posted by etienne on 18 February 2017 - 10:16 AM

Can you say, "REVOLVING DOOR?!". Same ol' same ol'. And I bet donuts to dollars that good ol' treasonous(call it what it is) Betrayus is heavily in bed, like most of 'em, with the armamnents industry and that's the main reason he is even being considered.
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