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#1059834991 Lowest Approval Rating Of Any President in Half A Century

Posted by etienne on 01 April 2017 - 05:10 PM

I'm sure we can get it lower.  Bring the Tramp down!

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#1059830881 Donald J. Trump ran 515 Corporations - Before Becoming President

Posted by etienne on 28 March 2017 - 09:38 PM

515, the majority of which were/are bogus "shell" corporations for the purposes of tax evasion and $ laundering.

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#1059826103 Cons OWN this board

Posted by etienne on 24 March 2017 - 12:14 PM

Man.. you sure seem a lot younger than that

I'm the youngest old guy you'll ever not meet.  Healthy diet, baby.

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#1059821698 Mick Mulvaney: Making America Great Again

Posted by etienne on 21 March 2017 - 01:54 AM


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#1059809627 Ivanka Trump's fashion sales are skyrocketing despite boycott call

Posted by etienne on 10 March 2017 - 05:59 PM

Daddy Drumpf will probably be looking for a pussy grabber handout from his mistress, er, daughter, so he can pay back Deutsche Bank:



Trump May Have a $300 Million Conflict of Interest With Deutsche Bank... https://www.bloomber...uguration-nears


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#1059808380 We Need To Eliminate The Food Stamp Program

Posted by etienne on 09 March 2017 - 10:28 PM

There was a time where folks could hunt and grow their own food.  Those days are long over and now most folks have to swallow their pride, Put on a tie and nice shoes and beg companies for jobs.   They can still move but now they need education to make a decent dollar.  

As long as the $ controls people, they can never be free.   If the $ crashed tonite, in about 6 months, most the white collar population would be dead.

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#1059807713 Caterpillar DOWN! Tramp Proven Fool Once AGAIN!

Posted by etienne on 09 March 2017 - 10:53 AM

Everythings coming down...let Tramp keep talking, and he'll put us in another republiKan Depression

Caterpillar, like Tramp, are "dealmakers"(code for con-artists), so they made a deal with the Swiss gov't as per one of those special "tax inversion" scenarios where they end up paying ~4% income tax(Swiss) rather than the 35% US tax rate.

tramp will be taken out if he doesnt start actaully running this country


he nearly shuttered the state department


they are firing everyone


40 + year non partisan people


hes gutting it




PUTINS dream

Her Drumpf is replacing it with his Nazi Party, just like Hitler did.

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#1059806679 Too bad about this Forum

Posted by etienne on 08 March 2017 - 04:02 PM

The Cons do that with the few females in here...not all but many

I can talk shit with the best of them..too bad they don't come here :P

It's like mowing the lawn and getting rid of the weeds...The Cons seem to be thinning as well..we are just stuck with around 10 that just post to post. Insults and not much more

They aren't open to any thoughts/ideas(in the rare cases they are capable of thought) that are outside their little cracker brains.  That's another way of saying, "FUCKING STUPID".  They know ONE culture and ONE "ideology":  CRACKER.  And if somebody criticizes CRACKER or confronts CRACKER-WORLD, they run away and hide like the little ignorant bitches they are.  Or take their guns and go home(the backwoods).

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#1059806609 Too bad about this Forum

Posted by etienne on 08 March 2017 - 03:25 PM

I do wish we would talk to each rather than over and at each other..

Oh, have bent over backwards trying to be patient with Cracker Con Man, but he doesn't "talk", he ATTACKS.  SO, it's ON!

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#1059805960 We Need To Eliminate The Food Stamp Program

Posted by etienne on 08 March 2017 - 01:37 AM

No.  Not at all.  I do not wish to see anyone starve.  However, starvation is a choice.  A choice between taking responsibility for oneself and not giving a damn about oneself.


How about this novel idea.  Our government spends billions on infrastructure.  Eliminate food stamps, but give those who are on them preference in being hired onto these projects.  What could possibly be wrong with that?

You must be a POS Christian.


How about FUCK YOURSELF WHITEY.  Whitey always thinks he's gotta tell everybody else what they can and can't do.  Well, FUCK YOU WHITEY!  How about I put a leash around your POS neck and pull you around the street like the dog you are, Crackerman?

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#1059805956 We Need To Eliminate The Food Stamp Program

Posted by etienne on 08 March 2017 - 01:29 AM




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#1059805948 We Need To Eliminate The Food Stamp Program

Posted by etienne on 08 March 2017 - 01:18 AM

Democrat mayors across the nation all agree on one thing.  Poor people are too fat.  They have even enacted laws to curb the amount of soda, candy and junk food poor people eat to reduce their weight. 


What these Democrats won't tell you is that poor people on food stamps tend to be some of the fattest people in the nation.  Obesity has replaced starvation as a national concern.  Why?  Because really lazy people get too much food for free.  Furthermore it is abused and used as a way to scam money from the government.  We need to eliminate the Food Stamp welfare program.  NOW!

You are one stupid motherfucking POS Crackerman.  JP Morgan wont allow the discontinuation it's $NAP, WIC, etc. FOOD $TAMP EMPIRE:




 The bill mandates that “all state agencies implement Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) systems by October 1, 2020” for those receiving money through the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program. And which company administers nearly half of all states’ EBT programs? You guessed it: JP Morgan Chase.


How do you check your JPMorgan Chase electronic benefit transfer account balance?





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#1059805940 We Need To Eliminate The Food Stamp Program

Posted by etienne on 08 March 2017 - 01:03 AM

SNAP stays, but I agree that fat fucking whitey suits should not get a free lunch:


04aedede57f190461f6e92e01a0244e9.jpg385.jpg636-01320306em-business-man-with-cigar-ochristie.jpgjonathan+hunt.png Obesity among POS fat fucking free lunch Whitey Suits is epidemic.  FU Suits Pigs.2803112-fat-businessman.jpgfat-office-man.jpg5145grIr7OL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

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#1059802999 Ok Whitey, Cracker, it's ON!

Posted by etienne on 06 March 2017 - 08:13 AM

I have just been informed--and I have written proof--that on the LF THERE ARE NO RULES.  Even though they have written rules and "codes of conduct", Whitey just throws those out the window to suit his nefarious purposes of "fun" and intimidation of non-white, non straight, people.


But that is just the way Whitey Cracker rolls, isn't it, because Whitey is a Coward, He travels in gangs.  He/Her always has been, and always will be. a COWARD:  it's in Whitey's DNA.  Whitey always has to be on top.  So Whitey makes up the rules then changes or breaks his own rules to suit his nefarious purposes, evil, death ridden purposes.  But in the real world, Whitey's "world" is unraveling, and Whitey is just barely not stupid enough to know it.  And when Whitey gets hit down he cries, he grovels, and then wants you to "join him" and be "friends".


Sorry, Whitey Cracker, IT's ON, this is WAR!

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#1059800629 Sessons lied about not having Russian Connections!!

Posted by etienne on 04 March 2017 - 10:38 AM


Ambassadors go to the white house all the time - oftentimes at the behest of the president.  It's a trip across town from their embassy.  Ambassadors rarely fly all the way out to Cleveland, Ohio to attend conferences held in conjunction with  political party presidential nominating conventions.

Cons are kind of in a bind in this one.  They are taught to hate Russia(former USSR) no matter what, but since they love to kiss themselves some Drumpfass, and since Drumpf and his cabinet(Sessions, Tillerson, former Flynn, etc) are in bed with Putey Pute, for more Russian oil share, in particular, it logically follows that they are by default are "rushin'" to be Putin/Russian apologists.  You bought it, you own it.

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